Client Overview

Taylor University is a private, interdenominational, evangelical Christian college with a focus on incorporating the Christian perspective into everything it teaches. There is a consensus by many in the area that it is a college with strong outreach to the community.

Client Need

The client requires a thorough understanding of Taylor University so that its place in the community may be clarified, leading to any necessary changes to curriculum or structure to allow an increasing of the ratio of inquiries to enrollees to graduates. Also of importance are any organizational or structural changes Taylor University needs to make to reflect its accredited status.

Methodology Applied

The findings are gathered from 33 in depth interviews of opinion leaders among 7 categories within the Fort Wayne community:

  • Non-Profits
  • Social Work
  • Elementary Education
  • Pastoral Ministries
  • Diversity Programs/Ministries
  • Public Relations
  • Criminal Justice
  • Political Leaders

Overall Findings

Community Perception

Many view TUFW as a Christian liberal arts college; it has differentiated itself from other colleges in the community due to its Christian affiliation and community outreach

Some respondents were not aware of the majors and programs regarding their respective fields offered at TUFW

Perception of Competitive Universities

Mixed, with the distinctions often highlighting the larger number of courses, ability to obtain a Master’s Degree, better facilities, and social and recreational offerings to help socialize people.

Organization Needs

Organizations needed communication/interpersonal skills, business skills, specialized knowledge, managerial skills, technology and computer skills, leadership, and writing skills

Most felt the educational community met their needs

Future Needs

People skills, business skills, language skills, leadership skills, and writing skills are the most commonly required

Respondents felt that the school was not always teaching the students for this millennium

Conclusions Based on SIS Findings

  • TUFW’s position as a Christian liberal arts college attracts the type of student body it desires
  • Its Criminal Justice, Social Work, and Elementary Education are its most popular programs. The Christian perspective gives students an advantage in the interpersonal skills necessary for these.
  • More majors/courses needed along with master’s program.
  • More sports and social activities would aid in attracting students

Actions as a Result of our findings

  • Increased enrollment by 10% a year (Due to expansion of Criminal Justice, Social Work, and Elementary Education Programs)
  • Higher retention of students