Driving Growth for a Duty-Free Retailer at a European Airport

The airport retail landscape has changed significantly in the last years, with a growing importance of luxury. Having seen an increase in American investments in the country, the airport of one of the most vibrant European capital wanted to understand behavior and requirements of travelers from the United States to better cater their needs.

Case Study

SIS International Research conducted an 8-week research to uncover the motivations, needs, and triggers that drive American international passengers to make purchases during business and leisure trips – with a focus on the purchases that travelers make in airports, including food, cultural items, and duty free products.

Key Intelligence Topics

Types of Consumers
SIS evaluation of two distinct groups of consumer buying behavior in airports

Consumer Behavior
SIS comparison of the buying habits of these two groups in airports

Consumer Preferences
SIS identification of international consumer preferences

Duty-Free European Airport

Key Findings

  • SIS was able to uncover international passengers’ expectations for travel retail with regards to value and price ranges of goods in the mass and luxury segments
  • SIS was able to report international passengers’ perceptions regarding customer service in airports.
  • SIS delivered insights regarding international consumer preferences of the origin and quality of goods purchased at the airport
  • SIS evaluated ways that airports could create memorable experiences for international passengers
  • SIS identified goods that passengers were much more likely to take note of and purchase that will remind them of their time in a particular location
  • SIS found that the impact of value messages were the most effective drivers for international passengers to make purchases.