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SIS Membership Survey Market Research

What is Membership Survey Market Research?

When dealing with a club of any size, managers must balance the interests of each member. They also need to gather information about the state of things. Additionally, a membership survey seeks to collect essential data. Another great thing about membership surveys is that they’re the best way to account for members’ concerns and any other business.

When creating a membership survey having a clear, concise goal is paramount. Further, it reduces respondent confusion. For example, a club could be losing money and wonder what amenity is not providing as much revenue as it used to. That could be lots of things: the tennis court, gym, spa, as well as the golf course. Thus, It’s very open to interpretation.

An analysis narrows it down to the gym and fitness operations. For example, the club can do a specific survey to understand member satisfaction. It can at least find out the importance that members attach to particular aspects of the gym. It can do the same to assess its fitness services.

Managers can start brainstorming ideas for questions once the goal is clear. As a matter of fact, a designated committee should do this. Of course, each committee member will have different perspectives. These perspectives will create a more thorough survey that should be more effective.

Maximizing the Response Rate

it’s essential to maximize the response rate. The response rate is a further problem all club managers must face. So, there are a couple of techniques that they can use to increase the response rate so its more accurate:

  • Include a cover letter informing members about the survey objectives. By the same token, this letter should state how the club will use the info. Additionally, it should have some words about the importance of the member’s input. Another feature should be the contact info if the member has questions.
  • Include a return by date. Putting a return date increases the likelihood of members responding fast—the chances of getting a timely response increase if they have a deadline.

Why is Membership Survey Market Research important

Understanding the members’ attitudes and about the club is beyond important – from getting some primary data on the status of each member to being able to make more complex plans. That important data can mean the difference between profit and bankruptcy.

Key Job Titles

There are a variety of jobs that are integral to a thriving membership survey

  • Club Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst

Why Businesses Need Membership Survey Market Research

As a for-profit organization, clubs need to get a good understanding of their patrons. For instance, they need to be able to make decisions to maximize member satisfaction. Furthermore, clubs that are attentive to their member’s needs will see that loyalty returned to them. In addition, loyal clientele will bring in more members. They will also encourage them to use the amenities, further increasing profit margins.

Key Success Factors

This stage has three common pitfalls. Questions can be Ambiguous, Biased, or Complex. An example of an ambiguous question is: “How much red meat do you typically eat?” For one, it doesn’t tell you if they want to know. Daily? Weekly? Bi-weekly? Answers such as “a lot” or “not much” are very subjective.

An example of a biased question is: “We need to make some decisions about our breakfast area. It is shabby, too small, and requires much improvement. So, which course of action do you favor? 1. Remodel the current breakfast area 2. Construct a new breakfast area and turn the old one into something else 3. Leave breakfast area as it is currently. It’s evident that the author of the survey already wants to renovate and doesn’t have much interest in changing that. Thus, this makes it seem to the respondent that the club has already decided on a course of action. Moreover, the respondent may even feel that their input doesn’t matter.

Finally, an example of complexity would be: “Last year, the gym and fitness operation lost $80,000. Do you consider this to be acceptable?” The member doing the survey may not have the full context of the situation. Some members may see it as being too much or too little. The member doesn’t know. It’s not their business, so it’s best not to confuse them with it.

It doesn’t matter how well you word the questions to avoid ambiguity, bias, and complexity. Regardless of the clarity of the survey, it’s still not foolproof. Thus, it’s best to use a practice survey with a small sample.

About Membership Survey Market Research

How can one get the most practical and accurate info? It is best to use many data-gathering techniques. Making use of Qualitative coupled with Quantitative Research is an excellent tool for this. Those tools can help determine what works and what doesn’t. Finding the best course of action is of vital importance for any business.