Buying Luxury Cars can be a large investment for many people.  Consumers spend a significant amount of time researching new car models and finding cars that meet their needs.

Understanding the Path to Purchase

In “high-involvement” product purchasing among luxury automobile owners, an insight-driven form of consumer research is ethnography. To gain insight into the purchasing process and the motivations behind choosing an automobile brand, researchers can follow buyers and their spouses to car dealerships paying specific attention to how buyers interact with their spouses or children as they browse and test drive cars. The strategy behind this is that the spouses of purchasers often have immense influence in the purchasing decision. By examining those interpersonal dynamics, researchers can determine how to appeal to them.  Ethnography can provide powerful insights into the Customer Journey.

Behavioral Insights

To enhance the quality of findings, researchers can also request that respondents write a homework diary so that researchers gain even further material for analysis over a period of time. The benefits in ethnography are for the researcher gain the insider’s perspective by immersion. In-person research such as Ethnography provide Behavioral findings and Body Language which can be useful to uncover unconscious ideas and patterns.

Digital Market Research

Increasingly, innovation in the Digital Landscape is opening up new methods online.  Qualitative insight can come from a variety of online tools and online interviews.  SIS International Research has extensive experience with Luxury Car Buyers and has large databases of consumers across the United States and around the world.

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