Southeast Asia is rapidly growing and ready for new business projects.

While the world waits to see if ASEAN, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, will unite ten countries into one economic collective, business is definitely booming in this part of the world. Global business interests continue to seek efficient, inexpensive labor sources, and countries such as Cambodia and Vietnam meet those requirements. In the long-term, Southeast Asia Market can expect excellent economic growth, and corporate interests can anticipate increased profitability. The monetary growth of the ASEAN markets accelerates faster than the rest of the world and will continue to do so.

Long-established as the global financial center, Singapore is at the hub of this new market. The country stands ready to become Asia’s “Silicone Valley.” Likewise, The Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia all made rapid economic advancement.

Many business sectors are emerging as potentially profitable areas of commerce, including real estate, infrastructure, telecom, e-commerce, housing, education, healthcare, tourism, and construction. Subsequently, consumer demand in Southeast Asia consistently impressed retail interests, and trade volumes exponentially increased in recent years. Despite regulatory concerns and areas of political unrest, international investment continues to increase rapidly.

SIS International Research is uniquely positioned to provide invaluable market analysis for companies interested in Southeast Asia. Our 30 years of experience in global market research allows us to bridge cultural gaps and facilitate business success. We conduct focus groups, market feasibility studies, product testing, branding, and regulation research. Consumer outreach studies provide clients essential data and insight. Our market intelligence efforts give businesses critical information, providing a competitive edge in emerging world markets like Southeast Asia.

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