How Strategy Research Can Boost Your Performance

Business Performance Strategy Consulting

Strategy Research works to uncover your challenges and opportunities.

In Strategy Research, we conduct a thorough examination of your competitive strengths and challenges.  We work to develop tactics to employ to create longterm advantage and to boost performance.

Common Challenges in Business

  • Low sales support and advertising
  • Low R&D
  • High interest rate and little debt capacity
  • Stagnant demand
  • Leftover inventory
  • Poor profitability
  • Falling stock price
  • Slow innovation processes
  • Customer perceptions of low quality
  • Low investment on product improvement

Solutions that Strategy Research can provide:

  • Strategies to expand market share
  • Strategies to increase brand awareness relative to other brands 
  • Strategies to add sales reps
  • Marketing effectiveness and Marketing Campaign expansion
  • R&D effectiveness: improving quality of existing products and developing a potentially high-value new product
  • Operational efficiency: boosting capacity and reducing costs
  • Finance Strategies: raising new capital using debt or new equity issues.
Market Research and Strategy Research Performance

Thinking About How to Boost Your Company’s Strategy

  • Will your company follow a niche strategy, aiming to satisfy certain segments of the market, or will you attempt to become a high volume, low price producer?
  • What types of products will you produce? Will you be a market leader or market follower?
  • What will you do about your excess inventories and poor product quality? Given the high cost and limited supply of capital, what are your priorities?
  • Will you sell your products by “pulling”- creating customer demand via advertising; “pushing” – employing a large force of sales representatives; or will you use both methods?
  • Given manufacturing and inventory holding costs and uncertain demand, what is your manufacturing and operations strategy? How much production capacity will you have and how much safety stock will you carry?
  • How will you obtain the capital to finance the assets required to successfully implement your business strategy?
  • How will you invest in your future while improving your financial performance?  What is the economic logic that will yield superior returns to your shareholders?
  • How will you differentiate your business? Innovation? Brand reputation? Price? Service and delivery?
  • How will you obtain your returns? High volume, low price?  Premium pricing in a niche market?  Some combination?
  • What will be the speed and sequence of moves for your business?
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