Strategic Planning Consulting

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SIS Global Growth provides full-service consulting for strategic development and advantage. SIS Global Growth provides today’s managers and executives with strategic planning services and advisory. Complex factors that impact businesses today, such as changing customer needs, new competitive forces, supply chain dynamics and other on-the-ground realities that impact business. Rapid changes and new linkages in the global economy require further nuance from today’s strategist.

Developing and implementing strategy can create opportunity and challenge. For this reason, SIS Global Growth partners with our clients to provide results, add value, and help them to develop competitive advantage.

SIS Global Growth serves companies with solutions across the business landscape and different strategic functions:

  • Market Assessment & Intelligence

  • Product and Market Strategy

  • Core competencies

  • Innovation

  • Differentiation, Diversification and Specialization

  • Pricing & Value Creation

  • International Trade

  • Market Entry & Exit

  • Performance & Profitability

  • Sourcing & Supply Chain

  • Competitive positioning

  • Competitive dynamics

  • Scenario planning

  • Synergy

  • Talent Management

SIS provides a wide tool kit of strategic planning solutions.

Strategy Development & Research

SIS provides clients with many value added solutions to support their needs. Our industry experts provide incisive strategy development on a custom basis.

Among the challenges facing business leaders are those in predicting how unforeseen scenarios will impact their organization and putting in place a decision making process to deal with the complex challenges of an uncertain economy.

Scenario Planning can provide early warning and insight for the future using simulation of possible outcomes by structuring how different variables influence uncertain forces.

SIS also provides Decision Modeling and other analytical frameworks for analysis of available options.

Incisive, timely analysis of the factors impacting your success can provide advantage for many companies. The SIS International company’s leading sister market research unit SIS International Research™: provides full-service market research, data collection, and strategic research, and the following benefits:

  • World-renowned global market research company

  • 30+ years’ expertise in global and emerging markets

  • Extensive resources and industry expertise

  • Value added services for competitive advantage

As businesses evolve, so does competition for clients and customers. Forecasting, industry analysis, environmental intelligence, economic and market intelligence can provide useful insight on market movements. In competitive markets, competitive intelligence can give businesses a better understanding of advantages and opportunities. We work with companies from inception to implementation, delivering actionable, incisive insight.

Strategic Planning Consulting

SIS Global Growth provides full-service consulting from strategy development to the implementation stage. Our experts and team will develop solutions and consult on your needs.