Telephone Depth Interviews Market Research

Telephone Depth Interviews Market Research

Telephone Depth Interviews or TDIs are one-on-one discussions between a moderator and a respondent.

They follow the exact pattern of an in-depth interview. The only difference is, the parties conduct them over the phone instead of in person. This type of discussion is helpful in B2B and Healthcare Market Research. They’re especially useful where participants are hard to reach. It’s also an excellent tool to use when the topic is complex.

TDIs tend to allow for more time with the respondent. It’s much easier to take a little time out of someone’s schedule if you’re only asking for a phone call. It’s harder to get into the logistics of a face-to-face meeting. These interviews are valuable. Why? Because they arrive at the heart of the customers’ decision-making process. TDI is one of the best ways to solve the puzzle of B2B and Healthcare business decisions. They also show what the customers want.

Qualitative Techniques

TDIs are a qualitative data collection technique. It involves honest, one-on-one engagement with individual participants. The interviewer must have the requisite experience. That’s the best way for these interviews to be successful and to prevent data loss. He or she should know skilled elicitation techniques. Such techniques coax information from recalcitrant participants. The interviewer can undermine the entire process if he or she does not have the experience or the skill.

Using Video Conferencing Software

Many free video conferencing options are available, such as Skype, Zoom, and Facetime. Skype is the most popular. It allows the Moderator to ask questions and the participant to respond online. The dynamics are like a face-to-face setting. Such interviews overcome the barrier of geography. The participants may also feel more comfortable meeting online. Their ideal location is their home or office.

Telephone Qualitative interviews


We can record these discussions and make written copies through interview transcription. We tailor the transcription process for different purposes, depending on your needs. Transcription allows us to judge the relevance of the interview. Users can now scan the written copy rather than listening to the recording each time. Transcription also improves search engine optimization efforts and increases audience reach.


Early forms of market analytics were computations taken from a study of the strength of a company. These computations were from sales data, profitability levels for product lines, and similar measurements. They gave internal teams some direction based on the success of strategies used before. That changed with the Internet. Market analytics now refers to information obtained from all the relevant sources. We can now analyze everything collected and integrated into a customer’s profile. Examples are contact information and buying history. TDIs are a part of the data gathering process. Marketers can use the information gathered to increase the efficiency of businesses.


SIS International Research offers full analysis reporting, setting the groundwork for your business’ marketing policy decisions. We base our reporting on the results of TDIs and other forms of Market Research. We also have an in-depth collection of market reports. Customers can review these reports to improve their research and marketing strategies. Go to the Expertise tab and click on Publications to start your market research process. Our research can help to advance your company’s industry knowledge.

Qualitative Moderation

The Moderator is the person who leads a group discussion. The term also refers to the interviewer in a TDI. It is the general term used in the US for a Qualitative Market Researcher. Here, Qualitative Moderation is usually a significant portion of the researcher’s role. Some people prefer to use the word “facilitator” for Qualitative Market Research. It implies a more open position adopted by the researcher over the participants.

Key Success Factors

Telephone Depth Interviews work best where researchers have a mix of skills. These competencies include experience, skilled elicitation techniques, and multilingual capabilities. The team at SIS International Research has this mix. Thus, we’re in the best position to provide insight and analysis. Contact us today for more information on market research using telephone depth interviews.

Telephone Interviews Market Research