Story Telling Market Research

Story Telling Market Research Strategy

Humans have been telling stories to each other for millennia. 

Story Telling is an important part of history and the human experience.  In ancient times, humans communicated important information through stories around campfires.  Today, companies are opting for new ways to share information about their brands. They need innovative ways to reach the customers at their disposal. In a bid to foster loyalty and draw more customers, they have resorted to storytelling.

Relating your story is now an essential component of establishing your brand. It will define how people see you. It also enables customers to start forming a relationship with you and your business. Do it well, and you can develop a flourishing brand with a great future. People will buy from you if they like what you do, your ideals, and the stories you share.

Storytelling is an enormous realm that you can explore from many different perspectives. It involves sharing stories and experiences to a particular audience. These stories must have a sense of purpose. A key question arises thereof, how do you know the type of stories to tell? To answer this question, logic demands that companies conduct both Qualitative and Quantitative Research. In this way, they can improve the very pillars of the storytelling. 

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Market Research aids in coming up with appropriate characters

Companies sometimes recycle stories, and at times the method is over-used. Creating the perfect characters for the roles can also be tricky. Thus, market research comes in handy to form the base for character creation.  For example, the lead actor and antagonist are unlikely to make similar decisions. Qualitative Research equips the storytellers with the right data to form unique characters. It also helps them to develop roles for these characters. As a consequence, your storytelling will spur the reasoning of the customers.

Market Research aids in developing authentic storylines

We’ve heard of stories crumbling due to a series of negative reviews from the clients or audience alike. Scripts that form stories ought to be original, with a sense of flow. Market Research prevents storytellers from creating repetitive, boring, lackluster content. It provides a diversity of material from which you can develop epic storylines. Stories derived from such Research will capture the attention of your audience. They will also have a permanent impact on their view about a particular product or idea.

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Market Research creates illustrations and metaphors

Sometimes, you can encapsulate your purpose in an incomprehensible chunk of the tale. Picking out the right metaphor to enable quick grasping of content is very crucial. Quantitative Research allows storytellers to come up with better metaphors. This type of Research can summarize a load of information to drive a point home. It serves to propel consumer satisfaction as well as win over stakeholders’ support.

Market Research helps storytellers form turning points and climaxes

The turning point and the climax go hand in hand. Storytellers need a riveting turning point- from a wrong decision to a good one, which can elicit positive reaction about a particular product in the market. Market research can help to form a sound basis and reasoning for the turning point. It can also help storytellers to portray it in a positive light. A turning point trickles down to the climax. In the end, this climax aims to cement the understanding and ‘pledge of loyalty’ towards the product. Market research is critical if you want to achieve these lofty goals.

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About Story Telling Market Research

Storytelling is the new mode of customer attraction. It leads to conviction towards a specific business product. It would help if you did proper and thorough market research so that the story is a success. It also has to meet its intended purpose, which is to help build your brand. In essence, market research is the backbone of any impactful storytelling.  We conduct:

  • Story Boarding
  • Home, Video & Street Ethnography
  • Writing, Video Production & Editing
  • Brand Workshops
  • Focus Groups
  • Co-Creation