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Pre and Post Advertising Testing


When do you use Pre and Post advertising testing? It is critical to test the advertising messing pre launch of the product to avoid product and service failures in your domestic and international or global markets. Following the pre – launch, it is critical to conduct the post launch to determine the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. To ensure success, SIS has devised the following pre and post launch survey techniques:

Pre Advertising Launch Survey Methods:

  • Street intercepts to determine billboard recall
  • Online surveys to determine media recall [TV, Online ads, etc]
  • Telephone surveys to determine media recall
  • Mobility research to determine in-store advertising

Post Advertising Launch Survey Methods:

  • Follow up Street Intercepts to determine the advertising or billboard recall
  • Online surveys to determine the media recall
  • Telephone and mobility surveys to determine the recall

Application of Advanced Analytics to the data:

We recommend applying advanced analytics to the pre and the post recall data to ensure that the data “triangulated” with the advertisements.

For our recommended research design for pre and post advertising testing, please contact: and call our at 212 505 6805.