Eastern Europe is often avoided in researching global markets.

A reason for this is often the lack of information and the lack of familiarity with such markets. Those who do research in Eastern Europe need to be aware of pitfalls that precede the research process and that can ultimately impact the intelligence yield.

Published Information Often May Be Misleading

  • Researchers may often find conflicting information or inflated details that fit a particular viewpoint or agenda.
  • Published information is often missing key information and statistics
  • Leads to biased publications and rankings for statistics and industry information
  • It is the researcher’s imperative to determine the efficacy of information based on the source of information and the quality of data

The need for Market Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence

Market Intelligence is lacking, limiting a comprehensive view of the market. Instead, anecdotes and preconceptions can guide business leaders in decision making.

In some situations, a way to avoid some of these pitfalls is carefully conducted primary research.

Indeed, the situation itself will dictate the proper remedy to avoid problems in data collection.