Youth and Social Media Market Research


Selected Experience:

  • Conducted numerous focus groups in Shanghai on China’s Generation Y, born between the years’ 1980 and 1990.  The research was published in the first book on this topic [China’s Generation Y, SIS International Research], and was distributed worldwide.
  • Recruited, hosted and moderated 16- 18-year olds for a cell phone study to explore new features and benefits.
  • Conducted several low-incidence focus groups in NYC among young minorities aged 17-24 for their opinions on joining the armed forces.
  • Conducted extended ethnography in Shanghai households to study how Chinese youth interact with parents, use technology, pursue education, spend their leisure time and consume products
  • Sponsored, published and promoted one of the first and most influential books on China’s Youth and China’s Generation Y
  • Conducted focus groups among diabetic youth in NYC for a pharmaceutical clients
  • Conducted SIS Netnography and In-Depth Interviews on a niche group of women aged between 18 and 25 to develop insights for a communications strategy.
  • Conducted focus groups among young adults in NYC aged 18-25 for new product concept testing on laptops
  • Conducted an online market research study at a prestigious American east coast university about athlete versus non-athlete perceptions towards a beverage product.
  • Conducted focus groups among American students to analyze their perceptions on a private US university
  • Conducted a global market research study of students to gain their perceptions of studying at an American university
  • Conducted a study of students in China to understand behavior surrounding a foreign language exam
  • Conducted for a major US university a youth attitudes recruitment of high school students, recently arrived in the US, who were probed on their attitudes toward oil exploration, refineries, and energy in general.