Market Entry and Opportunity Research Experience

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Market Opportunity and Entry Strategy Research

Past Experience:


  • In-depth research program and delivery of report that contains information about competition, brand strengths, unique market position, target market, potential product extensions, and opportunities to capture markets.


  • Market intelligence survey to determine the market size, potential, and optimum distribution of a drink product from Mexico into India.


  • Conducted market opportunity study for a certification firm on the global market.


  • Research for new command, control and communication center in Kuwait
  • Conducted interviews with purchasers from every level from different companies
  • Conducted research on Energy Business Models, R&D and prioritization of capital and human resources.


  • Market feasibility study for entry into mainland China for confectionery products.


  • Russian market entry study for a UK bathroom supplier.
  • Market assessment to identify growth opportunities, market sizing, and methods used to support, particularly in tunneling.
  • Conducted global research on new markets for non-woven wallpaper


  • Market assessment study regarding business opportunities in Latin America for consulting firm.


  • Market entry studies and multi-level marketing studies for China.
  • Market entry study for skin care products in China.

Diagnostic Imaging & Equipment

  • Market entry study of manufacturers of CAT scan equipment in Malaysia and Indonesia.


  • Conducted a market opportunity assessment in China for an important English exam.
  • Conducted a global market opportunity assessment on a new educational reading tool.
  • Conducted a market potential study for the designs school branches


  • Conducted market entry study for a environment engineering, manufacturing and marketing company.

Financial Services

  • Qualitative study with in-depth interviews of financial consulting firms who are offering international market entry consulting services.


  • Conducted a PAN study in Latin America with consumers of corn flower products


  • Conducted a major market research project in order to determine a market entry strategy for a producer of nasal salines.

Household Appliances

  • Market potential study for garbage disposals in the Russia using in-depth interviews with wholesalers.
  • Plastic injection mould and moulding products study
  • Stone Crushing Plans market entry research


  • Conducted market assessment of the global battery market.
  • Conducted a global study on global industrial consulting services.
  • Conducted market opportunity assessment in Argentina for a major manufacturer of farm equipment.
  • Conducted oil and gas stakeholder study in Ukraine and Poland


  • Conducted a research study to define the US market regarding the new entry of a practice law institute


  • Conducted a global market opportunity assessment for a prominent certification institution based in Washington DC.
  • Conducted a global market opportunity assessment for an institute specializing in certification.

Ocean Fishing

  • Conducted a new market entry study for an ocean fishing company


  • Conducted a global market opportunity study on new opportunities in industrial publishing.


  • Conducted focus groups throughout Asia to determine the market entry strategy for a US drug store retailer.
  • Conducted focus groups in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to determine the feasibility of market entry of a US drug store retainer in mainland China.
  • Quantitative and qualitative assessments of the market size and the opportunities for wound care products in Europe and in Japan.
  • Conducted a study on a BPH (enlarged prostate) product concept
  • Coordinated management of pharmaceutical study, testing new brochures through one-on-one interviews with doctors.

Sports Equipment

  • Conducted desk research regarding electric bikes in the US and Europe.