>>>Resume of Experience in Household Applicances and Products
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Selected Experience in the Household Appliances and Products Industry


  • Ongoing competitive tracking for a manufacturer and distributor of a wide variety of household products.
  • Conducted interviews and made home visits to recent purchasers of bagless vacuum cleaners in the US.
  • Research and development study for new product ideas for kitchens and bathrooms
  • Market intelligence and competitive intelligence studies on home remodeling and decorating trends.
  • Analysis of the household plant market.
  • Market feasibility study for household electronic air fresheners and insecticides in Germany and Brazil.
  • Focus groups for consumers on their attitudes to a new generation of blenders in the UK, France, and Germany.
  • Market study in the US for home furnishings.
  • Market study in the US for placemats.
  • Conducted mail intercepts for an air conditioner and dehumidifier study in the US.
  • Conducted a coffee maker market study in Japan, Germany, Spain and the UK.
  • Conducted a cutlery study in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.
  • Conducted study for a home security system company
  • Market Quantitative research study on 100 cutlery customers as well as 100 non-customers in Korea to evaluate the expansion of a US company.
  • Market Intelligence Study on air conditioners in Korea.
  • Conducted triad focus groups in order to test positioning statements for a cutlery study in Korea.
  • Market Intelligence Study to gain insight from high-end consumers about the appearance and design of various home electronics.
  • Conducted market study to obtain information on developing new concepts and generating ideas for refrigerators.
  • Conducted home visits with people who own front-loading washing machines and French-door style refrigerators
  • Market potential study for garbage disposals in the Russia using in-depth interviews with wholesalers.
  • Conducted market trend and market response survey regarding household products such as natural insect killer and paint material.
  • Conducted in-depth interviews to assess consumer brand awareness for home furniture firm.
  • Conducted study about attitudes of Russian consumers towards garbage disposal products and brands.
  • Conducted a brand awareness study on the North American furniture market.
  • Conducted focus groups on consumer needs and customer satisfaction with premium refrigerators.
  • Conducted desk research on market trends and major competitor trends, in-depth interviews and focus groups for a market entry of a towel manufacturer.
  • Conducted fieldwork on a study about OTR microwaves.
  • Conducted gang surveys to prepare for a launch of washing machine product in North America.
  • Conducted market response study for Refrigerators
  • Conducted research study for absorption chiller-heater study
  • Conducted research study regarding American lifestyle and vacuum cleaners
  • Conducted a Refrigerator focus group in New York
  • Conducted a Washing Machine study
  • Market potential study for in house shredders
  • Conducted a built-in kitchen appliance design study

Sample of Clients in the Home Appliance Industry

  • utco
  • EC21
  • Ekornes
  • GfK AG
  • LG Electronics
  • Stressless