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Selected Experience in the Automotive Industry


  • Conducted a quantitative and qualitative study about consumers’ opinion about the equipment rate and necessity of each option, expected price, preference and ideas for new options/features.
  • Conducted ethnographic automotive studies on air fresheners in Brazil and China.
  • Conducted a large car clinic in the NYC about Parking Sensor technology.
  • Conducted an in-depth focus group and ethnographic study in NYC, LA and Seattle among Generation Y about their attitudes towards a new car concept.
  • Conducted focus groups of very low-incidence car owners in the Los Angeles area
  • Conducted a study about BMW buyers and non buyers to collect information about needs and preferences
  • Conducted a global study on hybrid-electric vehicle (HEV), with particular emphasis on Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand
  • Conducted advertising effectiveness research and CAWI interviews in NYC among high income, low incidence European automobile drivers.
  • Conducted qualitative discussion groups on the luxury car dealership experience among luxury car owners
  • Conducted a large, low-incidence and luxury automotive study (F2F, CATI) in Washington DC.
  • Conducted recruitment and fieldwork at a large car clinic in Los Angeles for a major European auto manufacturer
  • Conducted an investigation of various sales literatures from a customer’s perspective on a European luxury automobile company.
  • Conducted a competitor study on two major OEM competitors which are distributors of automotive components.
  • Conducted worldwide study of auto drives.  Conducted focus groups in the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Thailand, and the UK.
  • Conducted a business Intelligence Study to research the competitive assessment of second stage manufacturing of automobile corporations.
  • Conducted in-depth interviews on new advertising slogans for a high-end car.
  • Corporate Advertising Image Study in US for a large European Automobile Manufacturer.
  • Qualitative study for young Americans for automotive study in the US.
  • Conducted study in Asia for the automotive testing equipment market.
  • Conducted an image awareness advertising program for a global automotive manufacturer.
  • Competitive assessment of a major car company in Thailand.
  • Qualitative, in-depth interviews of users of new model SUVs.
  • Identified purchasing trends and consumer automobile preferences of singles in US
  • Conducted study to analyze current parking conditions of single spaces, municipal lots and muni-meters in New York City.
  • Conducted in-depth low incidence fieldwork of automotive service satisfaction through in-depth CATI study.
  • Conducted study regarding car owners and dealers. The scope of this study was to examine car buyers’ and car dealers’ experiences, behaviors and overall satisfaction levels with regards to automobile loan financing.
  • Conducted on-site interviews at NY auto show to establish brand interest feedback for future planning.
  • Conducted focus groups and home visits to gain insights on the role of a car in household, profiles of customers, buying and decision process.
  • Conducted focus groups in the consumer and automotive industry with focus in the tires category regarding emotional values linked to functional benefits.
  • Conducted online survey to analyze the attitude of car holders on their vehicles in UK, Germany, Russia and Australia.
  • Consumer research (purchase decision, car strengths and weaknesses, image and brand perception) in New York City using focus groups.
  • Automotive concept testing in China using in-dept interviews.
  • Car clinic in the United states to test new car concepts in the luxury segment.
  • Conducted market intelligence study on the market for aluminum wheels in the US.
  • Created market analysis of the market for electric cars in the Americas.
  • Conducted usability test on rental cars’ parking sensors.
  • Conducted study to gain insight in customer satisfaction with car repair services.
  • Conducted interviews with car dealers in the United States.
  • Conducted focus groups for Yamaha motor owners/potential customers
  • Conducted Chinese auto dealer study
  • Conducted research study to test car and car concepts.
  • Conducted a steering wheels report study in the US
  • Conducted a research study regarding Electric Vehicles in the US
  • Conducted a benchmarking research study regarding the Volvo Penta
  • Conducted a research study regarding the Ford Gen IV motor
  • Conducted a online and telephone research for machines and small engines
  • Conducted a website usability research for a major car manufacturer

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