Automotive Lighting Market Research

Automotive Lighting Market Research and Strategy

Automotive Lighting is a growing market

With the rise of Smart Mobility, Connected Cars and Autonomous Vehicles, the automotive industry is also developing innovative solutions in automotive lighting.

SIS Market Research assists companies in evaluating the Automotive Lighting market.  We provide automotive market research on Adaptive lighting, LEDs, reflector lighting, headlights, reflective lighting, headlamps, taillights, lighting design, xenon lighting and halogen lights.

Automotive Lighting Repair

Headlight repair is an interesting market. Generally consumers do not take their cars in to a mechanic to fix the issue of just a foggy head light although it can be a serious safety hazard. This issue may be more likely to be addressed with general maintenance or fixed by the owner of the car.

There are many home remedies to the problems, and several products are also on the market for headlight condensation.  Some of these products, such as filters and vents, exist to prevent the problem. Many headlight casings have filters that prevent debris and moisture from entering the headlight casing while still allowing ventilation.

Some companies in the market now have a set of filters that can be applied to regulate the level of moisture and heat inside of a headlight to more effectively block out water and dust.  In many cases, the heat of the headlights can cause water that gets inside of a headlight to evaporate in extreme weather conditions. However newer LEDs that do not heat up as much will sometimes fail to do this.   Some companies in the market have developed their filters specifically to tackle this challenge.  

We can research demand for tools that assist in de-fogging headlights, specifically during long periods of parking where moisture that may have entered the headlight could evaporate and cause condensation within the light. 

Headlight filters and de-fogging equipment fall under the umbrella of many other small auto repair jobs.  Repair of equipment is also something that can be addressed by a mechanic.  We conduct extensive research with auto repair shops and mechanics in the US and Europe.

Research and Strategy Solutions

SIS has over 35 years experience in automotive market research and industrial strategy research providing primary and secondary research solutions.  SIS determines the demand for headlight defogging products in global markets including the US, China, Latin America and Europe.  Our automotive lighting research projects uncover insights into:

  • Consumer awareness
  • Customer journey
  • Market sizing & opportunity
  • Segmentation
  • Customer needs
  • Design research
  • Product testing
  • Purchasing process