What is GNSS Global Navigation Technology?

Global Navigation Satellite System is Europe’s answer to GPS.  It’s a navigation system that aims to be more precise and accurate than America’s GPS Navigation System.

Europe’s GNSS Outlook

  • Discussion: A powerful global navigation system using & rivaling America’s GPS
  • Satellites currently being launched
  • Offers supreme accuracy to the centimeter
  • Ultimately, benefits will revolutionize business processes & consumers’ lives

Stage 1: European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS)

  • Covering Europe & Africa
  • Greatly improves GPS capabilities
  • 34 ground transponders and 3 satellites
  • Accuracy up to 5m

Stage 2: GALILEO

  • Double coverage with 2+ satellite constellations
  • 30 satellites and ground equipment
  • “Double Sourcing” with GPS and other systems
  • “TCAR” algorithms for accuracy down to centimeters
  • Extreme altitudes

Technological Impact

  • Down to 10 cm accuracy
  • Better indoor & extreme location positioning
  • Improved timing from space
  • Political discussions are among EU countries about whether the high cost project can justify its cost, given the existence of the US’ GPS.  But the youtube video above alludes to the notion that this debate is no longer as contentious as before.

Potential Impact on Business

  • Telecom:
    • Better network synchronization; mobile phones
  • Energy:
    • Improved oil exploration & better energy resource allocation
  • Finance:
    • Better encryption for e-commerce
  • Transportation:
    • Air/road/rail/sea positioning & management; traffic reduction
  • Unseen uses


  • Galileo will revolutionize business processes & our daily lives
  • New capabilities
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • But issues abound
    • Privacy & security
  • The US government may need enhance GPS & develop new technologies