Market Research in French Guiana


French Guiana is a territory governed by France, located on the North Atlantic coast of the South American continent. Brazil borders it to the East and Suriname to the West. It is the second-largest land mass under French rule (after mainland France). Despite its deep connection to France, French Guiana’s dependence on that country is starting to wane. One part of that process is growing its economy. The French Guianese are engaging in more and more trade, and any business that wants to move into that market needs good info. And thus, it needs some good market research.

Key Industries

Due to French Guiana’s vast forests, there are many sawmills. It also has many wood processing plants. Yet, the region’s main export is gold and some other precious metals. French Guiana has a space industry, and it has added to the country’s GDP since the 1960s. It also has a large fishing industry. That’s no surprise because the country has a long coastline. Most French Guianese people live near the coast due to the many benefits living near the water provides. For example, they have access to fresh seafood, milder weather, and beautiful scenery. People also dislike living near the dense forest with its myriad wild animals. Thus, the country’s major industries are all near the ports.


Rainforests cover most of the land in French Guiana because of its position near the equator and humid climate. The country is also the host to an array of flora and fauna, with over 5000 plant species native to French Guiana. It also boasts hundreds of different species of fish, mammals, birds, and amphibians. Despite the abundance of trees, the soil is poor for growing most crops. Most of the farming is around the Maroni river near the coast. So it’s best for market entrants to focus their resources where it’s best to use them.


Like many South American countries, French Guiana has people from many different backgrounds. Most residents in French Guiana are native, with the rest of the population comprising immigrants from nearby countries and mainland France. This diversity leads to many unique cultural elements in French Guiana.

To begin, culture in French Guiana has deep Creole and Amerindian influences, and many buildings sport the hallmarks of that architecture blended with some Western elements. Another one of the highlights of French Guianese culture is its Carnival. Like many South American and Caribbean nations, Carnival is a grand occasion. The passion and artistry of the people are on display. The showy costumes are the highlight of the year. So are intense dancing and joyous music.

Benefits and Strengths in the French Guianese Market

From the 20th century onwards, there has been considerable growth in the economy of French Guiana. They have made strides to open themselves up to foreign businesses. Since most people live near the coast, most companies are there. Thus, a business looking to set up in the area has easy access to the ports. It also has access to the consumers in the area. This location leads to quicker business growth. Why? Because it cuts the cost of transport and communication.

Consumer Base

As the name implies, most of the population speaks either French or French creole. That is important in any marketing campaign. The people there need to understand the brand, and it needs to be impactful to them. Thus, it would be best for a new business to set up its operations in more populated and urban areas.

Reasons to Grow your business in the French Guianese Market

For one, there are many young, ambitious people looking for jobs in the region. As a new business in the area, it’s essential to have access to labor. Also, the territory is experiencing steady economic growth. Such growth means that many new industries are popping up. There are different spots in the market to fill. It’s essential for market entrants to move in fast to ensure that their competitors don’t push them out.

About Market Research in French Guiana

When doing any market research, new businesses need to be thorough in their investigation. It is also necessary to be well acquainted with customers. Despite some similarities, how people communicate can be quite different. Understanding the nuances is important.

French Guiana is under the direct jurisdiction of France, and the influence of that European country is very evident. Market entrants need to have locals that help them bridge the gap. They also need to use many data analysis methods to ensure that they get complete data. That means using both Qualitative and Quantitative methods. Those methods will be helpful whenever they do Surveys, Focus Groups, and Interviews.

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