Market Research in Finland

Market Research in Helsinki Finland Europe

Finland is a highly industrialized country with strong international trade, manufacturing, and refining sectors.

The country also has a large service sector. Other large industries include consumer electronics, automotive, chemicals, and the machinery sectors. International trade comprises a third of the Gross Domestic Product.

Finland has a favorable geographic position with a close proximity to Europe, Russia and the Baltic Sea.  Finland is the only Scandinavian country that uses the Euro currency, which facilitates and promotes trade with other European nations.


Resources and trade development

The country is one of the largest exporters of meteorological equipment and software in the world. Some military equipment, such as rifles also account for the total export.  More than half of the country’s exports are sent to countries of the European Union.

Products taken from other markets are energy, raw materials, and vital components for manufacturing products in the country. Major suppliers and demand markets for Finland in international trade include Russia, the European Union, China and the United States.

Consumer Market and Global Strategy

Finnish is considered the main language for the majority of the population. Swedish is spoken by a small minority.

Finland has more than 5 million inhabitants. Most of the population is made up of direct descendants of the ethnic Finnish people. There are also small populations of Roma people, Jews, Russians and Tatars, and non-western immigrants.

Russia, Finland’s neighbor to the east, has deeply impacted Finland’s foreign policy and ability to globalize. Finnish globalization was inhibited by the need to stay neutral and not provoke the former Soviet Union. With this barrier gone, Finland has become one of the most globalized countries in the world today.

About Market Research in Finland

The Finnish market offers great opportunities for solid growth and success. Businesses will have the benefits of low operating costs, sophisticated infrastructure and a strategic location in Northern Europe. The country also has a skilled labor force that is receptive to new technologies, and exceptional cooperation between research, education and industry.

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