Multi Country Market Research

Multicountry Market Research

Multicountry Market Research is a type of project that involves multiple countries.

Often, different countries and regions are analyzed.  The data and insights gained can be further analyzed for patterns, similarities, differences, opportunities and challenges for a company.  The benefits are comprehensive insights for strategic decision making and business growth.

What makes multicountry research different and more challenging?

It is may be challenging to conduct market research about your company, its products or services in just your own country. But what if you need to study other markets on a global basis? There are a few key factors that need to be considered. Some are obvious, others not.

Next Steps

In observational research, even if you do not understand a foreign language, you can get a sense of what is being said in a focus group or interview by observing the gestures and body language of respondents when presented a new concept or product to examine. You can do this live or by watching video recordings. Likewise, by monitoring phone interviews, you can gain a feel for whether or not an interviewee is enthusiastic about an idea or subject.

When complete, a thorough analysis should reveal similarities and differences across your target markets. Will the same brand name, messaging, advertising, pricing, etc. be effective in all situations, or will marketing and promotional campaigns require multicountry customization?

Multicountry Market Research may be one of the most rewarding learning experiences you will ever have!  It can also provide immense benefits to your business.

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