April 2nd has been designated as World Autism Day and the occasion designates April as Autism Awareness Month. An awareness-building campaign called, Light It Up Blue, will find many prominent landmarks, hotels, museums, bridges, and retail stores featuring distinctive blue lighting in solidarity with this important cause. Even the Empire State Building will be lit-up in blue on the night of April 2nd.

The Impact of Autism

If any developmental disability deserves our immediate attention it is autism. At present, it is estimated that 1.5 million Americans are affected personally. It is the most rapidly growing developmental disability in the nation, with an astounding 10-17% annual growth rate.

Aside from the impact autism has on individuals and families, it also has a tremendous financial impact. It has been projected that the costs of housing and treating individuals with autism will exceed 60-billion dollars in 2013 alone, with costs guaranteed to escalate in the coming years. The costs of lifelong care can be significantly reduced, however, with early diagnosis.

About Autism Market Research

SIS International Market Research is conducting a nationwide survey aimed at pinpointing the housing needs of adolescents and adults with autism. We have conducted large Market Research studies for non-profits and healthcare organizations.  If you are an expert in the field, or a family-member of someone with autism and would like to participate in our Qualitative Market Research studies and Quantitative surveys, please email us at: [email protected].