Ruth Stanat, President of SIS International, will deliver a full presentation about “The Changing US Consumer” on October 12 at the AIMRI Conference in Paris.

Here’s a synopsis of the US consumer research speech:

Today, dramatic changes are influencing the powerful US consumer market. As new immigration patterns emerge and market segments age, new understanding of the market is key to attracting the valued US consumer. SIS International Research explores with recent data and analysis the numerous trends emerging within the US consumer market, and further provides a framework with which to understand today’s rapidly evolving US consumer. SIS International emphasizes the evolving nature of the Baby Boomer as a key development in the consumer market. US Baby Boomers, composed of 77 million people born between 1946 and 1964, are still a formidable force for companies and control the majority of the total net worth of American households.

Challenges are emerging for this segment in that many are being downsized from companies and are looking for new ways to keep working. SIS International discusses the new trends, such as the relocation to the Southeast and Southwest regions of the US, and suggests how companies can effectively target this powerful segment. Undoubtedly, immigration has had a profound impact on consumer marketing within the past two decades. The rise of Hispanic culture and the changes in national demographics pose significant opportunities to many companies. SIS International examines what marketers must do to reach this relatively new market segment and the differences among age groups within the Hispanic market segment. What happened to Generation X? SIS International answers this question and reminds marketers why this generation is important. SIS also explores why it is necessary to segment this age group rather than merge them with Generation Y or the Baby Boomer generation.

As the evolution of the American Retail Industry progresses, marketers must take note of another trend. The rise of “Lifestyle Shopping Centers” and “Town Centers,” or open air malls outdoor shopping centers, are increasingly popular ways to attract consumers. This trend signals some of the ways that retailers are attempting to entice people seeking an entertaining shopping experience and those consumers who do not necessarily enjoy shopping.