Spanish Translation and Transcription

It’s not surprising that Spanish transcription services are in high demand. Spanish is the second most-spoken language in America. SIS International offers several different types of Spanish transcription services. Companies can make use of our Spanish to Spanish transcription services. We also provide Spanish to English transcription and document translation services. Read on for more info about our Spanish transcription services.

The Economic Power of Spanish Speaking Countries

Spain is the world’s 14th largest economy by nominal GDP. It’s the fifth largest in the European Union. It is one of the leading high-level human development countries in the world. Several Spanish companies have gained reputations as credible multinationals. This status allows them to operate with ease in the Latin American countries.

Economic power in Latin America has shifted to Mexico in recent years. That country has the second biggest economy in the region. The unemployment rate is at 3.5 percent, and the labor market continues to improve. The “Andean Three,” Colombia, Chile, and Peru, are also economic powerhouses. These countries are seeing a rise in direct foreign investment. Experts expect their economies to grow even faster than Mexico’s over the next few years.

The Rise of the Hispanic Population Segment in the US

Half of the national population growth since 2000 has been in the Latino community. The Latino segment has been the primary driver of US demographic growth. It is a sizable and growing part of the nation’s population. Hispanics are the second largest ethnic groups. They are also the nation’s second-fastest growing ethnic group, after Asians.

It might be difficult for marketers to reach this target group using traditional methods. Almost a quarter of Hispanics speak only Spanish at home. A little more than half claim to speak English “very well.” Thus, marketers need Spanish language ads for effective marketing to US Hispanics. Company representatives may also have to sign contracts in the Spanish language. The same goes for leases and other documents, to accommodate Hispanic customers. It’s easy to see how Spanish transcription is a valuable resource. Document translation services are also helpful. Both are necessary for marketing to this segment of the population.

What is Spanish Transcription?

The simplest description of the role of a transcriber is, one who writes down what someone else is saying. They will make minor edits to the text before handing it in. Typing speed is important in transcription, with 75 words per minute as the ideal. The industry standard is a minimum of 4-5 hours to transcribe a 1-hour audio or video file.

Transcribers render speeches, interviews, and meetings into text files. Lawyers, physicians, and various businesses use transcription as an indispensable tool. Other industries that make use of transcription services include technology, finance, and manufacturing. Marketing, health, and government are also frequent users. Users can share information that first came in spoken form. Transcription is also useful for indexing and retrieving data.

About Spanish Transcription

For many companies and small businesses, outsourced transcription services are the best option. The amount paid depends on factors such as the deadline given, the length of the file, the audio quality, whether the client wants it to be time coded, and if a verbatim translation is needed. 

Our transcriptionists can transcribe verbatim, track multiple speakers, or add time codes and stamps. Whether your speakers are from Mexico, Spain, Latin America, or the Caribbean, we’ve got you covered. We are specialists in Spanish to Spanish transcription. We are equally expert at Spanish to English transcription, and we offer document translation services.

We offer human transcription services. Our translations decode industry lingo, subtle cues, slang and heavy accents. People are also more effective at transcribing multiple speakers. In addition, they filter out background noises. Human transcription beats machines in every area except cost and speed.