Strategy Research for Entrepreneurs

Strategy Research for Entrepreneurs

Launching a new company requires Customer, Market and Competitor knowledge.

Many entrepreneurs rely on their networks of family, friends and associates and have followed those networks instead of market opportunities. Some have succeeded, but many have failed. Strategy Research gives entrepreneurs the incisive insight and data to take advantage of the overlooked opportunities in other markets.

Market Research delivers insights and data to guide your decision making and product development.  Strategy and Competitive Intelligence allows you to create Competitive Advantages.

Research and Strategy Solutions for Entrepreneurs

Market Entry & Opportunity Assessments

These assessments include comprehensive insight into the opportunities and threats in entering new markets.  Market Sizing data can inspire areas of uncontested opportunity.  This research provides the untapped opportunities, the distributors partnerships that can be developed, and the competitive threats.

Competitive Analysis

This research provides insights on key players, competitor best practices, planned competitor strategic movements and areas of opportunity.

New Product Launch Research

This research assists product developers with agile product testing and insights.  Entrepreneurs can test Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) The result are findings that can immediately improve products.  Some clients prefer to do this research in Agile Sprints.

Customer Research

This research can be either Qualitative or Quantitative.  For example, Focus Groups and In-Depth Interviews can unearth unmet customer needs and pain points.  Quantitative Research can measure a broader sample of the population to uncover customer needs and identify pockets of popularity of your product in different geographical market.

Product Usability Testing

This research tests satisfaction of products and websites.  Products can be tested in-person, office or home.  The results help you to make improvements to your product or website.

Go-To-Market Strategy Plans

Strategy Research is compiled in a comprehensive plan on getting your products to market.

Marketing Consulting

We help you to develop ads, websites, translations of marketing materials and labeling.

About SIS Research and Strategy

SIS provides your company with the information you need to improve your products and be effective in your product launches.

We identify the best markets for your products. We can develop strategies on whether to export your products, open a subsidiary or form a partnership with another company. We inform you about the competitors already in the market and those who might be planning to approach your position.

We show you the relative sizes of market opportunities and explain why some markets are more difficult to enter than others. We can identify prospective partners and distribution channels. We can inform you on relevant laws and regulations and help you get started in new markets where you can succeed.

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