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Business Writing Company - Content Marketing

Our company writes research-based “White Papers” and other content for large companies. This content promotes new insights, services, and offerings.

Savvy B2B marketers know that content writing is critical. It helps businesses to connect with modern customers. B2B buyers expect content marketing, and the B2B space is embracing it. Also, useful content that shows your company’s expertise can help to entice B2B buyers. Content marketing has proven to be cheaper. It is even more effective than other programs. And, it’s more efficient!

White Paper Writing Solutions

B2B White Papers have proved to be a flexible means of marketing the services of a business. These papers define an actual problem that customers are having and offer a verified solution to it. They cite facts and figures, showcase the company’s expertise, and are reliable go-to pieces for customers who want answers. Many companies depend on white papers. These papers enable them to reach out to the audience and sell their products and services.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is yet another opportunity. It is a good practice to develop relationships with influencers, who can help to promote your content.  We provide interviews with Key Opinion Leaders to include in your writing.

Story Telling

Story Telling is the key to make your messaging memorable. It appeals to deeper, primal instincts and inspires deeper thinking about your brand.

To aid in story telling, we provide insights and research.

Business Writing Company

Incisive Research and Insights in Business Writing

Qualitative research includes interviews with company decision-makers and experts, and with consumers. Its bases are attitudes, opinions, intentions, and beliefs. It deals with questions such as “how” and “why.” This type of research aims to comprehend why consumers act in a certain way or how they may react to a new product. Interviews and focus groups are standard techniques used to gather qualitative data.

Quantitative research tends to be more structured than the qualitative approach. This difference is due to the statistical nature of quantitative analysis. Companies can use it to get a precise picture of their target market. They can choose a large section of respondents and provide them with a list of closed questions. The postal questionnaire is a conventional technique used to gather quantitative data. Other methods include online telephone calls and surveys.

Strategic writing is a vital part of the research and planning stage for companies. It is useful for firms who desire to advance their business. An in-depth competitive analysis will help you achieve three things:

  1. Identify your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses
  2. Recognize how consumers and potential customers use and rate the competition
  3. Give you a starting point for developing successful competitive marketing tactics

Market Opportunity Writing

Each successful product or service that we use today began with wide-ranging research. This research produces data about competitors and customers. Companies and brands need to know a great deal about their market. They also need to know about possible clients and their chief competitors. If you’re looking to be a step ahead of your rivals, market opportunity research is the critical element. It will deliver all the data you need to make a better business decision. That goes for whether you’re trying to expand your current service or you’re launching a product.

Benefits of Content Writing

Strong website content increases search engine rankings and boosts conversions. It also creates a voice for your company. All your other marketing plans will fall short without high-quality content. SIS International Research can help you improve your analytics and your digital content.