Global Marketing Consulting Company

Global Marketing Consulting Company

Communications and messaging are everywhere. The average consumer sees more than 2,000 messages per day according to many estimates. “Ad fatigue” is on the rise. And digital marketing has exploded, but ensuring ads perform and deliver ROI can be a challenge.

Stakeholders do not always know what they want from brands and products. Complex purchasing processes and Multiple Influencers can influence your marketing campaign effectiveness. A key question for companies is how to stand out from the “noise” and improve ROI, sales or brand growth from communications?

What We Do

SIS Global Growth provides meaningful, unique, targeted, and story-driven communications solutions. This involves Strategy and Marketing Consulting.  We also provide research and data on target segments, and balancing of quantity, costs, research, insight and creative messaging.

We believe that effective messaging does not end with targeted campaigns. It also involves providing our clients with deep insight from research and campaigns so that they can build on their successes in future initiatives. We leverage our global communications and marketing capabilities to help our clients uncover opportunities in places they may not initially consider and develop competitive advantage.

Advertising and Messaging Solutions

Promoting a concept or messaging can be a risky endeavor in a complex marketplace. By engaging and testing targeted stakeholders, companies can refine their concept and products to more effectively minimize risk and maximize return.

Our approach involves providing multiple layers of insight through our integrated research methods. Our testing techniques provide deep insight from stakeholders to uncover underlying motivations, decision processes and expectations. SIS uncovers relationships, preferences, sensitivities, habits and unmet needs. We provide further insight into the wider market context, to provide insight into drivers, competition, regulation, functionality, opportunities, threats, and strategic trade offs and pricing dynamics. Ultimately, our solution provides detailed data and guidance for our clients’ confident decision-making.


  • Message & Concept Testing

  • Name Development

  • Segmentation

  • Target segment identification

  • Marketing Mix

  • Cool hunting & ethnography

  • Loyalty

  • Segmentation

  • Social media consulting

  • Campaign management and development

  • Market Entry & Opportunity Assessment

  • Customer Experience

  • Strategic planning

  • Social Media tracking & consulting

  • Content generation

  • White Paper Writing

  • Google and PPC Advertising

Consumer Specialties

  • Travel & Tourism

  • Luxury Goods

  • Electronics

  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods

  • High Net Worth Individuals

  • “Indirect Influencers”

B2B Specialties

  • Packaging

  • Key Opinion Leaders

  • Distribution

  • “Gate Keepers”

  • Supply Chain Intelligence

Medical Specialties

  • Patients

  • Physicians

  • Caregivers