Blockchain in Healthcare Strategy Consulting


Blockchain technology is now the talk of the day. Over recent years, it has taken most of the industries in the world by storm. At the same time, it has developed lots of hype in the healthcare industry. Blockchain is a decentralized entity that keeps records of transactions in interconnected blocks. That is where cryptography and miners come into play. Blockchain in the healthcare market can generate positive results for the industry.

What is Blockchain in Healthcare?

Blockchain in healthcare can solve many of the problems the industry faces. Such issues include medical research, medical supply chain, drug integrity, and medical data. Blockchain also addresses the obstacles of interoperability, accessibility, and security. Because of its ability to produce fantastic data efficiency, Blockchain can disrupt healthcare. It can ensure flexible data access, transparency, interconnection, and better security. It is important to note that healthcare and technology are inseparable.


Blockchain is a shared record of transactions. With Blockchain, providers no longer store health records on a single, hackable computer. Doctors and insurers can maintain these same records across many computers. This method makes it very difficult to tamper with the data. One insurance company may call a doctor’s office to verify an address. The beauty of Blockchain is that if it updates the record, all members of the alliance will see the change.

Healthcare Challenges Today

Many medical institutions use inconvenient and outdated methods for maintaining medical data, including data for prescription drugs and health records. It also includes patient medical data and insurance information. Improper handling of data can harm the treatment of patients. It can also slow down patient recovery. Even worse, many medical facilities have developed their own record-keeping systems.

These circumstances have led to a lack of transparency. Medical facilities and insurance agencies are operating in vacuums. Their mode of operation is to the detriment of the patients. They create an avenue for serious medical errors. Such errors are the leading cause of death for cancer and heart disease patients in the US.

This outdated system spreads patients’ medical data across various medical facilities. Doctors and insurance companies keep separate records. In today’s world, the medical history and records of patients are like puzzles. This juggling of data between different entities is terrible and results in loss of accuracy and integrity. It is a particular concern when it comes to diagnostics and drug prescriptions. All of these can impact the efficient treatment of patients.

Benefits of Blockchain in Healthcare

  • Blockchain technology in the healthcare sector can make a significant difference. It enables effective data management. This technology makes the secure and transparent exchange of medical data possible. Providers can now exchange data across various sectors.
  • With blockchain technology, it’s easy to establish medical records. The system eliminates unnecessary administrative charges. It also makes it possible for the effective use of health care. Also, this technology removes the need for different intermediaries.
  • Blockchain in healthcare can go a long way in making the jobs of providers more straightforward. They have more time for their core responsibility, which is to improve patients’ health. Providers can also have access to the complete picture of the medical record of any patient. All previous health data is immutable in the healthcare system. Changes to the data can be visible.
  • Proper management of medical information is one of the most significant benefits of Blockchain. It eliminates most of the problems the healthcare sector faces. It makes fraud and data loss during disaster things of the past. It also enhances data completion and interoperability.

Why Strategy Consulting Helps

Blockchain continues to evolve. Thus, providers and insurers will have to change their strategies from time to time. SIS International Research understands the Blockchain space. We are familiar with the security frameworks for regulatory needs and legal compliance. Thus, we are best suited to help companies develop and maintain a Blockchain strategy. With Blockchain, it’s easy to stand out among the competition. SIS’s consulting services help to make that happen.

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