SIS Retail Market Research | In-Store Market Research

Retail Market Research in-store

SIS retail market research provides depth of insight on how consumers interact in retail environments.

Through store & street intercepts, shop alongs, ethnographic research and other methods, this research can provide detailed insight to help companies develop effective marketplaces.

Our retail market research provides insight into:

  • Best practices
  • Behavior
  • Customer needs
  • Customer engagement & touchpoint design
  • Channel Intelligence
  • Competitive insight
  • Conversion data
  • Customer experience and service
  • Floor layout
  • In-store and Point of Purchase (PoP) displays
  • Messaging
  • Motivation, Perception & Attitudes
  • Pain points
  • Pricing, product and marketing mix insight
  • Promotional effectiveness
  • Purchasing habits
  • Regional differences
  • Transportation habits

Stakeholder Audits and Store Audits

Stakeholder audits allow companies to objectively track their performance and better understand how to satisfy their most important constituents.

Our strength in stakeholder audits originates from our approach in gathering information among all market constituents for full insights about the entire market landscape.

Our approach provides flexibility for our researchers to probe beyond spoken words and across borders. Further, our past experience and thought leadership in Generational Market Research allows us to interact with and understand age segments in their own terms.

Our Stakeholder Audit studies can involve a Store Audit component at the retail level. Companies discover how much a product has been sold by retail location, the effectiveness of their own and competitors’ promotional strategies, insight about retailer infrastructure, the satisfaction of retailers and new opportunities.

Case Study: Global Stakeholder Audit

A case in point is our multi-year execution of a 20-country stakeholder tracking study for a major credit card company.

SIS interviewed merchant stakeholders at the local retail level to determine where the card was accepted, to identify why the card was not accepted and to specify where opportunities remained. We conducted the research in over 15 languages and delivered strategic analysis to the client to guide their marketing program.

Case Study: US Stakeholder Audit

SIS conducted a stakeholder study of local businesses in Chinatown for the New York City government.

Our researchers conducted 306 face-to-face interviews in Mandarin and Cantonese. The outcome was a socioeconomic analysis for an environmental impact statement regarding their views on a new Security Zone in the area.