What is Multi-Country Market Research?

sis multi-country research

About Multicountry Market Research

Multicountry Market Research involves multiple countries as part of a Qualitative or Quantitative research project. It allows managers to uncover patterns, attitudes, similarities, differences and new opportunities.

Best Practices in Multicountry Research

SIS has been conducting multi-country research for 35 years. Given our experience with multi-country research, we recommend the following:


  • Plan to expect a wide range of outcomes from country to country

  • Account to plan for at least 1 – 2 weeks to set up the recommended research design

  • Plan to have the questionnaire vary from country to country to account for cultural differences

  • Plan to have the qualitative and quantitative expected deliverables in the same format across all countries.


  • Do not plan to have one methodology fit all countries

  • Do not plan a tight timeframe as translations and fieldwork may take longer than expected

  • Do not plan for “a global solution” as the results may reveal that you need a specific country or regional solution.

  • Do not expect that one single research design will be appropriate across developed and emerging economies

Keep in Mind

Having an experienced Marketer or Market Researcher can rapidly uncover valuable new opportunities and avoid costly mistakes.