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SIS Innovative Approach To Multi-Country Research

sis multi-country research

SIS has been conducting multi-country research for 35 years. Given our experience with multi-country research, we recommend the following:


  • Do not expect that one single research design will be appropriate across developed, developing and emerging economies
  • Plan to expect a wide range of outcomes from country to country
  • Account to plan for at least 2 – 4 weeks to set up the recommended research design
  • Plan to have the questionnaire vary from country to country as you must account for cultural differences between countries
  • Plan to have the qualitative and quantitative expected deliverables in the same format across all countries.


  • Do not plan to have “one methodology fit all countries”
  • Do not plan a tight timeframe as translations and fieldwork will take longer than expected
  • Do not plan for “a global solution” as the results of the study can reveal that you need a country, regional and a global solution

In summary, multi-country research is a highly specialized field and needs to be executed by companies that have executed these surveys for many years.

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