Global Education Market Research

SIS Education Market In Domestic And Global

Education is a critical issue to local and global markets from pre-school through post graduate studies, including advanced certificates and certification in a wide range of fields from medical, consumer, industrial, financial services, manufacturing, legal services and in other sectors. For the past 30+ years, SIS has specialized in the education sector in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. Given our experience, we define education in the following sectors:

  • Pre school and Elementary Education – Nursery school through 6th grade
  • Middle School 6th grade through 8th grade
  • High School – 9th grade through graduation from high school
  • Vocational and Trade Schools
  • University of College Programs – traditional 4 year university programs
  • Graduate Programs – MBA, Doctor of Medicine and Law, post graduate degrees in engineering and science
  • Post Graduate Certificate programs e.g. Medicine, Law, Business, etc.
  • In-house corporate training programs
  • Programs in the Arts and Sciences

How do we approach this wide range of education programs? Given the range of educational programs that are online and offline today, SIS has developed a wide range of methods to determine the following for you:

  • The market potential for a new educational product offering for your institution
  • The competitor course offerings
  • The market demand for offline and online courses in your school and geographic region and in other geographic regions
  • The price points that you need to offer to gain the required amount of students
  • The curriculum that you need to offer for these courses to ensure market demand and enrollment
  • How to advertise and market your new course offerings

Learn more about Global Education Market Research.  For further details, please contact Ruth Stanat at SIS International Research at: [email protected] or call 212 505 6805.