Mass Transit Market Research

Mass Transit Market Research

Why is mass transit research necessary?

Passengers commute to and from work and other locations on a daily basis – but they have choices –  e.g. mass transit, car pooling, driving to work, bicycling. These choices are critical as the millennial population population [age 18 – 40+ years of age] continues to increase vis-à-vis Generation X and the Baby Boomer population.

Given the wide range of Generation Z [age 2 – 17], the Millennials, Gen-X, and the Baby Boomers, it is important to conduct baseline and tracking studies of your ridership population.

Reasons to conduct ridership surveys:

  • The levels of customer satisfaction with your service
  • If you meet the needs ot the elderly, the physically impaired, certain ethnic groups, etc.
  • If you are applying technology for your riders e.g. internet, apps, etc.
  • If your metros, subways, busses are clean and are wheel chair accessible.
  • The perceived level of safety in your mass transit system
  • Other met and unmet needs of your riders

SIS employs the following research methods to research your ridership:

Quantitative Research Surveys

  • Intercepts at the sites of transit
  • Face-to-face street intercepts either by paper and pencil or tablets
  • Telephone interviews
  • Online surveys
  • Mobile surveys

Qualitative Research Methods

  • Focus groups
  • In-depth telephone interviews
  • In-depth telephone interviews
  • Online Focus groups
  • Video Chats
  • Social Network surveys