Sports Market Research

Sports Market Research provides data, analysis, insights and strategies on athletics and recreation activities.

In the Sports industry, there are products manufactures, apparel companies, advertisers, teams, media and other companies.  Sports are also growing in popularity in High Growth Emerging Markets.

Some sports are experiencing challenges with declining audiences in traditional TV broadcasting media.  At the same time, there are new opportunities in online streaming, subscription revenue models and new sponsorship deals.

Sports organizations utilize the power of effective market research to gain insight into lucrative advertising and merchandising channels, to get a glimpse into the minds of fans and develop exciting ways of improving their overall entertainment experience. Research also uncovers ways to cultivate your fan base.

SIS provides data, insights, tools, analysis and strategies to boost your Sports business.

Gyms, athletic clubs, and fitness centers often need sports market research assistance on many levels.  In-depth market analysis can reveal unmet customer needs, promotion strategies, pricing insights.  Focus Groups can uncover information about what fitness fans expect.  With the new information that becomes available, business leaders gain the confidence and new ideas to make tactical decisions needed to move forward successfully.

Athletic and fitness equipment sales are big business. Massive markets exist on a global scale for not only retail sales, but organizational contracts, as well. Effective sports market research can improve your outreach and performance locally, regionally, nationally, and around the world. Competitive Intelligence provides key insights into the world’s most prosperous firms, revealing effective marketing approaches and strategies. Innovative digital, social media and mobile-based promotions for peak market visibility are all part of assembling an overall game winning strategy.

Sports Market Research Solutions

SIS has over 40+ years experience in conducting Research and Strategy for the Sports Industry. We provide:

  • Focus Groups
  • Customer Interviews
  • Online Insight Communities
  • Ad Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Event Surveys and Interviews
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Market Entry & Opportunity Research
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