Solvent Market Research

Solvent Market Research

What are Solvents?

Most solvents are in liquid form. Their function is to suspend, dissolve, or extract other substances. They have to do so without changing the chemical makeup of the solvent or the other substances. Different solvents meet specific needs to make products with the best performance features. For example, inks that don’t smudge are solvents, and so are spray paints that dry fast and don’t clog the spray nozzle. Another example is regular paints that look good and last a long time. Yet another is strong cleaners that are good for tough, greasy jobs.

We use solvents for everything from dry cleaning chemicals to nail polish remover. They are also present in some drugs. Most are harmless, but some are unsafe. Many of the solvents in use today are volatile organic compounds. Thus, the solvent industry needs to find safer, more efficient substitutes. Most solvents are liquid, but they can also be solids or gases.

Why are Solvents Important?

Solvents are vital in industry. They can dilute, dissolve, and absorb other compounds. They do so without affecting their chemical properties.

Many people refer to water as the universal solvent – although it isn’t truly universal. They refer to it in that way because it dissolves more stuff than any other liquid. Its property as a solvent is vital to life. Why? Because it can transport minerals, chemicals, and essential nutrients. Solvents are also components of many products vital to modern living.

Key Job Titles

  • Chemist
  • Production Manager
  • R&D Specialist
  • Sales & Marketing Specialist
  • Boiler Operation Engineer
  • Solvent Extraction Plant Worker
  • Procurement Specialist
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Why Companies Need Solvent Market Research

Market Research starts with figuring out what data your business needs. Once you get that info, you can have it analyzed. For example, demand for chemical solvents from various end-use industries (such as construction) is rising. Researchers expect this will have a positive impact and drive the global market. From this example, it’s easy to see how you can derive insights that will help you make business decisions. The last part is vital because our concern is about business outcomes. We use research to discover problems at the start of the journey, and then progress with it to test solutions.

Qualitative Market Research is vital. It’s a great help whether you want to set up a solvent company or lead a new project. So is Quantitative Market Research.

Do you need to carry out Market Opportunity Research? Not doing it is like planning a party at your home without inviting anyone. You can also liken it to traveling to a tropical island and packing woolen sweaters. Or buying a house without visiting the area.

Key Success Factors

UX Market Research is a key success factor in the solvent industry. It provides vital insights into your customer’s needs and behaviors. Another key success factor is Strategic Market Research. This type of research broadly studies the solvent market and its sources. It is vital if your company is going through an acquisition process.

Yet another success factor is Competitive Analysis, which can help you spot opportunities to innovate. It allows you to enhance your products and services and promote your business. Thus, you will outshine rival companies.

About Solvent Market Research

Do you want to build new market segments? You will need to understand and attract new customer groups. SIS International delivers Market Entry Research solutions. We help companies reach beyond their current customer base.

We also conduct Market Sizing Research, which is a crucial step. It enables you to figure out the demand for your product and find the best ways to distribute it. It will increase your brand share of the total market.

We organize Focus Groups, Surveys, and Interviews to help you plot your Go to Market Strategy. SIS gives you the insights you need to launch new products and services. These insights mitigate the risks inherent in launching a new product.

A typical Go to Market Strategy includes a concrete sales and distribution plan. SIS will create target market profiles for your company as part of that strategy. We will also supply a marketing plan to ensure your company’s success.

Contact us for your next Market Research and Strategy Consulting Project.

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