Security Market Research

Security Market Research

In the wake of global terrorist activities, hacktivism, and increased cyber-criminality, the need for heightened company security measures has never been more clear or prescient.

SIS International Research has conducted extensive research in corporate security, cyber-security and real-time physical security as it relates to the protection of assets, intellectual property, and corporate reputation. Whether you are a security company, or you exploring the benefits of enhanced security, we can assist you with data, research, insights and strategy.

Market Research Methods

Recently, we’ve undertaken channel studies for corporate and industrial security projects in North America. We’ve utilized Competitive Intelligence techniques to explore global cybersecurity measures in-depth. Sophisticated phone studies incorporating the CATI Telephone Survey methodology have assisted in the evaluation of product features, consumer needs, and potential pricing.

New Product Testing research, Customer Interviews, Focus Groups, Market Trend / Response studies, B2B Executive Interviews, and Low Incidence research … these approaches can provide insight, which can make your business safer and more successful.

Security Market Research Solutions

SIS International Research has focused on household and business security systems for small and mid-size business owners and on international cybersecurity efforts. Our results-oriented research is particularly helpful for SMB managers who manage company security functions. If you’re business is exploring potential security solutions, effective market research can guide you towards obtaining the professional security protection you need in the 21st Century. For security companies, we’ll help you understand markets and clients in ways that brighten your business outlook and ensure your success.