Household Appliance Market Research

The Household Appliance market is back and growing.

It’s rebounding from a period of decline and spurred on by an improved housing market and the bolstered confidence of consumers. It’s a time of great opportunity, and SIS can be integral in helping firms to capitalize and thrive.

The rise of technology and mobile devices present significant opportunities and changes in how consumers behave at home.  We provide expert market and data analysis that yields critical information our clients demand, such as customer purchasing, usability, preferences and behavioral insights.

Customer Research and Focus Groups provide insight on the attitudes and opinions of end-users.  Other methods such as home visits, mall intercepts, lifestyle research and street surveys explore customer impressions and effectively gauge brand awareness levels.

We also are a leader of In-Home and Video Ethnography allowing our clients to see how customers interact with and use their products.  Gang surveys are popular with some manufacturers who need data to support decision making.  Lastly, co-creation sessions between product developers and end users can also be helpful in new product development.

With manufacturing centers shifting and new channels of global commerce emerging, SIS International’s experience in international markets makes a difference.

We understand the cultural differences and complexities that impact the purchasing of household appliances and home-related products. We’re ever vigilant; evaluating marketing trends and anticipating future market movements. We make it our business to make your business better.

We provide:

  • Focus Groups
  • Customer Interviews
  • Home and Video Ethnography
  • Co-Creation
  • Surveys
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Opportunity, Entry & Sizing Research
  • Strategy Research
Home Appliances Market Research Surveys