A/B Testing Market Research

A/B TESTING Market Research

What is A/B Testing Market Research?

A/B testing is a method of research that shows two versions of an app or web page to an audience to test user engagement. In other words, It operates by testing between two versions to see which performs better. AB testing compares a variation against the current model. Then, it lets you ask focused questions about changes in your web page or app. You can then use those questions to collect data on the impact of those changes. A/B testing in market research allows business owners to see the effect of potential adjustments. It shows them the impact their advertising will have on consumer activity. The original version of the page is the “Control,” and the modified version is the “Variation.”

Let’s look at a hypothetical example: A clothing and apparel website is trying to find out what look for their new website will bring in the most sales. Note that their current webpage is bringing in about $3000 in sales per month. They want to do AB testing to see how a change would alter their profits.

Why is A/B Testing Market Research Important?

Let’s look at the results:

Version 1 (V1) Change the headline of the page. The Original pulls in $1500 in profit, and V1 pulls in $1250

Version 2 (V2) Change in The visual imagery of the page. The original pulls in $1450 in profit, and V2 pulls in $1750. Version 3 (V3) Change the page’s layout. The control draws in $1550 in profit, and V2 pull in $2500

From these tests, we can gather a few things. We can see that a variation in the page may negatively or positively affect sales. Version 1 showed that a change to the page’s header reduces the page’s sales by 17%. Thus, we can see the customers disliked the alteration and that it be best to limit changes like those.

In Version 2, the visual imagery changed, and there was an uptick in sales. We could speculate why there was a boost in sales. The new imagery may have fit the color scheme of the site better. Additionally, the photography may have looked more professional. Thus, it’s easy to see how A/B Testing can help find out the best look for your app or web page. Finally, let’s look at Version 3. It has boosted revenue by 67%. In other words, this change created the most significant increase in sales. We can see that adjusting the page’s layout is the most impactful. So, that change would be the best move to make.

Key Job Titles

Some notable jobs need for effective research include:

  • Data Scientist
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Accessibility tester
  • Test Automation Engineer

Why Businesses need A/B Testing Market Research

Good data is essential for any business. Thus, companies must know how their customers respond to their market. A/B testing allows a business to determine what methods are helping sales and which ones hurt sales. Knowledge lets them focus on the most effective tactics and discard the rest. A business needs efficiency, both in its resources and time management. Instead of wasting time with mediocre methods, companies can use AB testing, which brings greater investment returns.

Key Success Factors

AB testing involves a lot of IT processing, and so it will need specialized persons. It’s essential to run the tests. Additionally, it’s good to run many trials of different variables. This method lets you understand the effect each aspect of your webpage or app screen has on consumers. Furthermore, It’s also essential to make them specific so that your info is more in-depth and valuable.

About A/B Testing Market Research

A/B testing uses a blend of qualitative and quantitative research. It’s focused on identifying what to change and how to change it. Additionally, it quantifies what changes are better or worse. You see how much they affect sales. This technology is an excellent addition to a business’s toolkit, but it can’t cover everything. So, it’s good to use focus groups, interviews, and surveys in your methods to get the best information.