Marketing is an ongoing process that evolves with time.  A core function of marketing is to create awareness, demand, and value for the product. Traditional mass marketing methods are intensively challenged by new media and technology.

Amid these new challenges and changes, marketers are finding creative and effective ways to reach customers.

Opportunities in Digital Marketing

The fragmentation of media and high competition may render most traditional electronic and print media ineffective.  The use of the Internet as a means of communication has given rise to several new marketing tools that may be much more effective and cost-efficient is making customization easier for customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most prevalent marketing practices today.  SEO helps a company increase its website rank in any search engine query that mentions its industry-specific keyword.  SEO may increase a website’s traffic rate.

Internet marketing tools supported by smartphones may make it easier for marketers to create a highly customized message for their consumers.  Customization, speed to market and access to market makes Internet-marketing a preferred method for companies and customers alike.

Challenges in Digital Marketing

The digital age leveled the field for businesses, big and small.  Businesses can access these customizable tools at nominal prices and sometimes even for free.  These changes have the potential to make business more competitive and responsive, enabling companies to engage consumers and create value.

Viral campaigns, reviews and social media campaigns have the potential to rapidly boost or detract from brands and companies.  It can provide further benefits in the customer experience by enabling a company to interact with customers and helps profile them based on their information.  Social media can be more effective than traditional advertising, since it can enhance consumer experience and can potentially enable two-way communication between consumer and producer.

It can be an optimal way to enhance personalized marketing and keep overhead costs to a minimum.  One-to-one marketing can potentially be effective in reaching a company’s target audience with unique message tailored for each individual consumer.

About Digital Market Research

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