Market Research in Washington State

Market Research in Washington State

Market Research in Washington State

The State of Washington is the only one named for a president. The settlers carved the State out of the Washington Territory after Great Britain gave up the region as per the Oregon Treaty of 1846. This treaty resolved issues about the disputed boundary. Washington received admission to the Union in 1889, becoming the 42nd State. Most people refer to it as “Washington State” to avoid confusion with Washington DC. The state capital is Olympia, and the largest city is Seattle. Sixty percent of the state’s population lives in the Seattle metropolitan area.

Washington is “The Evergreen State.” Seattle resident Charles T. Conover coined the nickname. Locals immediately accepted it. Why? Because evergreen trees dominate most of the forested area. The State also receives a lot of rain year-round, thus the name is a perfect fit. The nickname is popular but has never received official status.

Washington State’s Economy

Washington has an economy that affords residents a decent standard of living. The gross state product is usually more than half a trillion dollars. This GSP places the State at around the tenth position in the nation. It also indicates fast economic growth. With a minimum wage of $11.50 an hour, workers in the State are the second highest paid in the nation. These impressive numbers come from the airplane and tech industries. Washington has notable names such as Amazon, Nintendo of America, and ArenaNet. Microsoft and Bungie also have operations in the State. Four of the top companies in the State have appeared in a survey carried out by Fortune Magazine. These companies were Starbucks, Amazon, Costco, and Microsoft.


Washington State has more than 40 institutions of higher learning. It boasts many research universities, private career colleges, technical schools, and religious schools. Talented youths can also hone their skills from an early age at the Tacoma School of the Arts.


People call it The Evergreen State with good reason. The landscapes are a picturesque sight of lush green.  The Pacific Northwest is a travel destination with lots of beautiful spots to enjoy. From the Hor Rain Forest to the San Juan Islands, you’re sure to find lots to love. You will find unique attractions everywhere. For example, Port Angeles, Leavenworth, and Bellingham each have a unique character. The city most recognized for its variety of attractions is Seattle. As the largest city in the State, Seattle is a boiling pot of cultures with all the city attractions.

Some of the must-see tourist locations include Olympic National Park. Driving around the park on the US 101 is one of the most scenic drives you will go on when you visit the State. The Seattle Center is also another attraction that is a favorite with tourists. This center is the location of the iconic Space Needle. Others include; North Cascades National Park and Deception Pass State Park. There’s also Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument.

Advantages of Doing Business in Washington State

When it comes to having a terrific workforce, every part of the country wants you to think its tops. Every State boasts about being business friendly. Each one will tell you that it’s a great place to live and work. 

However, few places can boast a workforce that is more skilled and educated than that of Washington State. This State has abundant cultural and economic opportunities, mild climate, and diverse geography. With its pioneer spirit, Washington is a great place to build a future, both for your family and for your business.