Market Research in Saskatchewan, Canada

Market Research in Saskatchewan, Canada

Saskatchewan is one of Canada’s provinces that borders the South of the US. The only province without a natural border, it has one of the rarest names in Canada. Its name came from the Cree word for the river that runs through the province: “Kisiskaciwani-Siply” (swift-flowing river). Over thousands of years, different native groups have occupied the area. The Europeans arrived in 1774 and Saskatchewan became a province in 1905.

Today Saskatchewan is the seventh-largest and sixth most populated province in Canada. Its area amounts to 250,000 square miles, and its capital is Regina. Also, freshwater lakes and rivers cover over one-tenth of the land surface.


Prince Albert is the third-largest city in the province. Yet, despite it having the title of the third-largest city, it is relatively small. This city is in the central part of the province. It is the last major area to the north before the remote lands, so it got the nickname “Gateway to the North.”

The capital, Regina, is the second-largest city. Regina has over 215,000 residents. One of its best attractions is Wascana Centre, an urban park surrounding a lake. The University of Regina is also in this city. It is also home to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum.

Saskatoon, founded in 1882, is to the south of the Saskatchewan River. It is the province’s best-known city and its regional, economic, and cultural hub. It got its name from the native Saskatoon berry. Saskatoon is also home to the University of Saskatchewan.

Key Industries

The province is one of the biggest exporters of peas, lentils, durum wheat, and mustard seeds globally. It also exports canola, flaxseed, and oats. Saskatchewan is famous for its high-quality crops. It is also the second-largest cattle-producing province. Plus, it has a thriving oil and gas industry and a well-developed forestry sector. It also produces minerals.

The wealth and diversity of Saskatchewan are the envy of other provinces.


The economy of the province depends on agriculture, which has been a notable sector since the late 19th century. Despite the global price declines in recent years, its economy remained steady.

The unemployment rate is low, which leaves the province in a perfect place.

Consumer Base

In this province, most households spend their money on cell phone bills. Families also spend a lot on laundry and toilet essentials. According to recent research, people also tend to buy large quantities of cereal.

This is an outdoorsy province with much to explore. It has fantastic towns and cities. Yet, people would no doubt prefer to take in every breath-taking scene of this province. It has thousands of lakes and rivers, dunes, and thick boreal forests. Thus, it’s easy to say sightseeing is one of the most common things here.

Reasons to Start a Business in Saskatchewan

This province is a fantastic place and also one of the best locales to build a business. It has a productive workforce with high hourly output. Most people, when looking to start a business, look at these points about the area such as:

  1. Low living cost
  2. Tax deductions and credits
  3. The location of the province
  4. Cost of business licenses

This province scores well on each of these metrics.

About Market Research in Saskatchewan

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