Market Research in Surabaya

Market Research in Surabaya

Dubbed as the “city of heroes”, Surabaya is known for its rich history and cultural heritage. It also boasts tasty traditional food, shopping scenes, and vibrant nightlife.

Due to the significance of the Battle of Surabaya in igniting Indonesian and global support for Indonesian independence during the Indonesian National Revolution, the city is known as Kota Pahlawan (the city of heroes). This second largest city in Indonesia is also famous for the following:

  • Historic structures such as the Red Bridge, the Submarine Monument, and the Chinese Temple that can be found along the Surabaya Heritage Trail
  • The renowned Masjid Al Akbar, which is one of the largest mosques in Southeast Asia
  • The Surabaya Zoo, which is one of the oldest zoos in the world.
  • The renowned Masjid Al Akbar, which is one of the largest mosques in Southeast Asia
  • Exciting retail and nightlife scenes, which feature both contemporary shops and historic markets.
  • The local cuisine of Surabaya, including sate, tahu petis, and rawon (beef soup) (tofu in fermented soybean paste)

Benefits of Doing Business in Surabaya

Market research in Surabaya features benefits in doing business in this city; they include the following:

  1. Promising Tourism
    Both domestic and foreign travelers enjoy visiting Surabaya, which has been attempting to grow its tourism sector. The city has been emphasizing its natural beauty, including its beaches and mountains, as well as its historical and cultural attractions. Since the city is the economic and industrial hub of Indonesia, it also tries to promote MICE tourism (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions).
  2. Affordable Operational and Labor Cost
    Compared to other major cities in the area, Surabaya’s labor expenses and cost of living are often lower. Additionally, Surabaya has a sizable pool of skilled personnel that is accessible, which might assist in lowering labor expenses for enterprises.
  3. Government Support
    The Surabaya administration is keen to entice international investment. It is eager to make it easy for foreign enterprises to set up shop in the city. Moreover, the city has been investing in infrastructure development, which is relatively developed compared to other cities in the region.
  4. Strategic Location
    Due to its location on Java’s northeastern coast, Surabaya serves as a significant regional transportation hub. The city is well-served by a significant port, an international airport, and a number of significant motorways, making it a prime site for businesses engaged in logistics, import, and export.
  5. Growing Consumer Market
    Over 4 million people call Surabaya home, and more individuals are expected to move there in the upcoming years. Businesses now have a great chance to reach a huge and expanding consumer base.

Business Challenges and Opportunities

It is helpful to perform market research in Surabaya to have a good grasp of the numerous business and investment challenges and opportunities.


There may be high competition and saturation in certain industries such as retail and wholesale trade, real estate, and logistics. It’s worth noting that saturation in an industry can vary over time and it is always recommended to conduct a thorough market research before starting a business in any industry. Moreover, although English is a required subject in schools, the fluency and competency levels of the locals might vary. Basic English proficiency is rather widespread in the city, but it may be less so among those who can communicate effectively in English for business purposes.


There are several business opportunities in Surabaya such as e-commerce, tourism, manufacturing, healthcare, education, and real estate. The population and popularity of Surabaya is growing, and with it are the increasing demand for online marketplaces, hotels, restaurants, medical services, educational institutions, housing, and commercial spaces. Also, Surabaya is a major industrial center and has a large market for manufacturing of a wide range of products such as textiles, electronics, chemicals, and food.

About Market Research in Surabaya

Surabaya is a high growth region in a high growth emerging market.  Numerous opportunities abound.  Quantitative and qualitative information from SIS International Research is reliable and timely. We also provide Strategy Research including Market Entry Research, Market Opportunity and Sizing studies, Competitive Analysis, Benchmarking, Channel Intelligence and other studies.  With efficient market research in Surabaya, we help you to make your business growth plans more efficient. SIS can conduct surveys, focus groups, in-depth interviews, and other related research methods.

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