Market Research in Pakistan

Market Research in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country on the Arabian seacoast with five main ethnic groups.

Two hundred and twenty-five million people call this country home. Most of them are Muslim. The country was part of India when it was under British rule. It’s sandwiched between Iran, Afghanistan, China, and India. The land area shares a coastline with the Arabian Sea.

Pakistan is a cultural melting pot where Bhangra folk dancing, music, and cricket are popular. Still, some conflicts, many of which are religious, are cause for concern. Also, the major cities are growing. People are moving into the country, which reduces jobs. This shift is also causing problems in health and social care.


Islamabad is the capital. Known as the “The City of Peace,” it’s the heart of culture, art, and history. New houses are going up amid modern buildings. The bazaar in this city is the hub of life. For example, stalls are full of spices, jewelry, dried fruits, fish, clothing, and all types of goods.

Karachi is the capital of Sindh Province. It’s also the leading center for commerce and industry. The city makes textiles, wood, and furniture. Karachi has an airport and is also the country’s finance hub.

Karachi has thriving cottage industries in crafts, pottery, gold and silver engraving, and embroidered goods. The people there do other types of metalwork, carpet-making, leather goods, cloth, and lace works.


About 2/3 of the people in Pakistan are under 30 years old. Also, the country is facing poverty and many cannot read or write. Terrorists are still a threat, and corruption is also far too common.

In addition, the country has food shortages. There’s a high demand for clean water and medical care. What’s more, many rural areas have poor housing and living conditions.

About 8 million immigrants live in the country. But, millions of its citizens live and work abroad. With so many refugees are coming into the country, shanty towns are springing up.

Key Industries

Rice is one of the main export crops, but fishing and forestry are also good prospects for investment. In addition, the people grow wheat, rice, cotton, and chickpeas for local use. Sugarcane grows for the local and domestic markets, and other crops are pearl millet, potatoes, onions, mustard, and rapeseed.

Farms are rearing cows, sheep, camels, buffalo, and poultry for meat and dairy products. Fishing for lobster and shellfish is on the rise.

Pakistan is rich in limestone, Chromite, Celestine, aragonite, and barite. The country also produces granite, gypsum, marble, and rock salt. The people mine coal, but it’s not enough to meet local demand.

Pakistan’s main export partners are:

  • China
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Afghanistan
  • The United States of America
  • Saudi Arabia

Consumer Base

There are good investment prospects in Pakistan. The country’s tourism sector is likely to take off soon. It’s becoming an adventure hotspot with scenic mountain ranges, rivers, and valleys. The country has the potential to be one of the world’s best holiday spots.

Investors can also look to expand the energy sector to increase the power supply in the country. There’s a high demand for cell phones and internet services. Imports include chemicals, coal, motor vehicles, food, and refined oil. Local and overseas partners produce tractors, cars, and bicycles.

Pakistan also needs investment in small reserves of petroleum. Another area ripe for investment is the country’s fields of natural gas. Also of note is the fact that Pakistan has high yields of cannabis and opium poppy.

Reasons to Grow Your Business in Pakistan

Pakistan is thriving. After years of unrest, the country is enjoying growth and a stable government. The people are friendly, and there’s a tropical climate that’s perfect for tourism. Air and road transport are reliable. There’s even a railway that connects with the China border.

Further, Pakistan has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. The country has a growing middle-class and exciting prospects for the future.

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