Market Research in Manchester

Market Research in Manchester

Manchester is England’s second most populous urban area, with over 2.5 million inhabitants.

It has a GDP of approximately $90 billion, which is the third largest in the United Kingdom. It has 10 metropolitan boroughs, making Greater Manchester UK’s most economically diverse city region.

Its commercial centre is in the Manchester city centre. It also has a low cost of living compared with other cities within England, and a highly-educated workforce.

The top industries in Manchester are tech, financial, legal and business services, biotechnology, advanced manufacturing, logistics, energy & environment, tourism, global sports brands, media and real estate. It is the European headquarters for many global companies, such as Kellogg’s Adidas, and Siemens.

Technology Industry Opportunities

Manchester has the second largest digital tech hub, which is growing rapidly. It has many startups, as well as offices for Google, IBM, and Cisco. Industry collaborates with four leading universities in the areas of cyber securing, text mining, and cloud computing. It also has a pool of highly-skilled computer science graduates to fuel growth.

SIS provides executive interviews, market entry & sizing, customer research, B2B focus groups, competitive intelligence, branding insights and employee surveys to best understand how to best communicate digital technology.

Energy Sector

Manchester is home to the UK’s largest nuclear industry. It is has a world-class transmission and distribution grid. Additionally, Manchester is a test bed for new low carbon innovations.

SIS can provide fact-finding competitive intelligence, B2B communications, or in-depth market analysis to bear in offering energy interests the most comprehensive and effective market research capabilities available today.

Logistics Industry

Manchester is a preferred distribution hub due to its central location and because it has more motorways than any other UK city. Its airport is the third largest after Heathrow and Gatwick. There are plans underway to build a multi-modal freight terminal, to enable container ships to double their capacity. It has competitive operating costs, and a wide choice of distribution parks. SIS can provide detailed knowledge of customer preferences with regard to logistics.

Finance Industry

Manchester specializes in wealth and asset management, and private banking, Over 60 banks have operations in Manchester, and major employers include BNY Mellon, HSBC and Barclays. Manchester’s finance and insurance sector is the 3rd largest after London and Edinburgh. About one third of city’s population is employed in the sector. It is highly developed, and is also on the leading edge of new developments such as FinTech. It is a leading back office operation location for many companies, including Aegis. SIS can provide the market research needed to better target customers, and understand product offerings with the highest value-add.

Healthcare Opportunities

Manchester is also a location for leading pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. It is a leading centre for cancer research and care delivery within Europe. It is also at the cutting edge of informatics research, which allows a digital-health infrastructure.

About Market Research in Manchester

SIS delivers full insight in the business landscape through market opportunity research, competitor analysis or market intelligence, among other services.  We provide Focus Groups, Consumer Interviews, Ethnography, Online Communities, Surveys and Strategy Research.