Market Research in Malta

Market Research in Malta

Malta is a beautiful country in the Mediterranean Sea.

This country consists of four big islands and a few small ones around it. The islands are flat and rocky, with a coastline of cliffs and bays. The islands also don’t have any rivers or mountains.

This small country has a rich history. The Greek, Roman, Persian, French, and British empires all wanted to rule it at different points in its history.

The island’s capital, Valletta, became a world heritage site in the 1980s because many of its buildings date back to the 16th century. Malta once served as an infirmary to nurse soldiers back to good health during World Wars I and II.


Although Malta comprises four large islands, people only inhabit three. Malta or the mainland is where most activities take place. Some popular sites in Malta are Sliema and St Julian.

The better-known of the two is Sliema. This city is the best place for shopping when visiting the island. It is also home to some of the finest hotels in Malta. Persons who enjoy a wide variety of fine and casual dining will find Sliema to be a perfect choice.

St Julian, a former fishing village, is now a tourist lodging town. It has beautiful sandy beaches at its north end at St. George’s Bay. It’s also easy to find the colorful Maltese fishing vessels in Ballots Bay and Spinoza Bay. Most people visit St Julian for its edgy nightlife action.

Key Industries

The Maltese make their money from areas like tourism and electronics. They also profit from shipbuilding and repair, construction, and food and beverage. It’s easy to see that the islanders have skills in many different areas. Yet, their industry leans more to foreign trade, manufacturing, tourism, and financial services.

An advantage Malta’s economy has is its location in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Thus it is the crossroads between the Middle East, Europe, and North America.


Very few people are unemployed and the economy is growing. The four-island-state has the status of a “developed country.” The islands have an open and developed market with a productive labor force. They also have low taxes and great financial centers. The country is well off and hosts many billionaires seeking citizenship.

Malta is also a freight transshipment site. Most goods brought into Malta are only passing through to other countries. This unique approach takes advantage of Malta’s strategic location.

Apart from exports and imports, tourism is a major part of the country’s economy. Malta has a small population but yet it supports millions of tourists each year.

Consumer Base

Malta has a very vibrant market that performs better than most. With its GDP growing each day, it’s amongst the richest in the region. In addition, the number of residents is increasing, with many people choosing to settle in the city.

Reasons to Start a Business in Malta

Starting a business in Malta has many benefits, such as low minimum wage, low share capital, and low tax. Most of the people speak English, despite the official language being Maltese. Another benefit is economic stability. The islands are financially stable, making it easier to market and advertise a new business. The country is also very advanced in technology and building.

About Market Research in Malta

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