Market Research in the Aland Islands

Market Research in the Aland Islands

The autonomous region of the Aland Islands, or Aland, is on the southwestern tip of Finland. It’s in the Baltic Sea, near the mouth of the Gulf of Bothnia. This chain consists of of around 6,700 islands. Yet, people live on only about sixty of these islands. Most of the people speak Swedish. Its beautiful main island, Fasta Aland, is the location of the capital and largest city, Mariehamn. This city has gorgeous beaches, nineteenth-century townhouses, handicraft shops, and cafés. Most people live on the island of Fasta.


The Russian Czar Alexander II founded the charming city of Mariehamn in 1861 and named it after his wife. It has 12,000 residents. Although the number may seem small, the town is a lively place. It lights up in the summer as it receives millions of visitors each year. Mariehamn has beautiful parks and wooden houses. It gives a small-town holiday vibe with many restaurants, hotels, cafés, and museums.

Apart from the fantastic capital, there are many more small towns and villages. For example, some larger settlements include Dalkarby, Mockelby, Rangsby, and Morholmen.

Key Industries

Like many other places, the Aland Islands depend on trading, shipping, and tourism. Shipping accounts for almost half of the fiscal activity, and several global carriers operate there. Apart from shipping, there are other small businesses with few employees working. Other major industries include farming and fishing. These two sectors are essential for the food security of the islands.

The service sector is another pillar of the Aland Islands. Another key point is that a large part of the tourist revenues recorded by Finland comes from these islands. Furthermore, tourism is essential as it provides many jobs.


In the 1970s and 1980s, Mariehamn, the hub of the islands, saw great economic expansion. The success of the region’s top businesses has further helped the islands through hard times. Trade is one of the essential parts of the services sector and makes up more than half the revenues. Moreover, other areas like hotels and catering companies add to the GDP. As a matter of fact, this region has the highest level of productivity in Finland.

Consumer Base

The people in the Alands enjoy their leisure time as a respite from their everyday work. Tourists as well as citizens can indulge in many different pastimes. Some include restaurants, cycling in Aland, and spending time on the water. Other popular pursuits include golfing, visiting the ruins of Bomarsund, and more. The people spend many days working hard to earn money to enjoy their beautiful land. The islands are lively, with beautiful sites within arm’s reach. Thus, they see no problem with spending money for a bit of pleasure and fun.

Reasons to Start a Business in the Aland Islands

Aland is full of business options and willing workers. Often there are demands for long-term personnel in areas like healthcare, IT, and law. Opportunities also exist in banking, services, and education. By the same token, opening a business in one of these areas can bear fruit with a quick turnaround as many people are willing and ready to work in these areas.

Restaurants and hotels make good money during the summertime and even take on more people. Thus, the islanders have the freedom to branch out in different ways. The islands are vivacious, especially around tourist season. This season is also when businesses make the most money.

All the Aland Islands are perfect for startup and other business ventures.

About Market Research in the Aland Islands

Forming your own business is sometimes scary, and it can be hard to start up from scratch. That’s why you may need a helping hand with market research. For example, focus groups, surveys, and interviews are a great idea when entering a new market. You’ll also need someone to do strategic, qualitative, and quantitative research. Make sure you engage a company that goes the extra mile to ensure your business gets to where you want it to be. Your venture in the Aland Islands is waiting, and it deserves the best chance to succeed.

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