London Market Research Company

London Market Research Company

SIS International is a London market research company conducting Qualitative Fieldwork and Quantitative Data Collection across the U.K.

We conduct Focus Groups, In-Depth Interviews and Surveys with consumers and B2B executives in a wide variety of industries.

SIS International Research EMEA Headquarters is located in the heart of London with our finger on the pulse of growth and innovation in England and all throughout Britain. With our growing global presence, we can recruit respondents internally from specialty populations and deliver rapid strategic solutions.

Focus Group Solutions

Focus Groups are usually comprised of 6 to 12 individuals with similar demographics (e.g. car buyers, diabetes patients, new mothers) who are brought together for a discussion on a specialized topic. Such groups are always facilitated by a trained moderator who follows a guide to ensure that certain questions are asked about a product or service. The key to this qualitative technique is the open dialog and dynamic interaction among the participants. Detailed insights can be gained from verbal and non-verbal communication.

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Innovative Methods

SIS EMEA uses using cutting-edge methodologies, like Video Interviews, Online Focus Groups and Mobile Surveys that gather the insights and data to generate profitable results for our clients. We conduct Product Testing, and use Agile Research and Sprints.  We understand the needs of both domestic and international clients and provide Around-the-Clock client service.

B2B Strategy Research Solutions:

SIS International Research, a London market research company, has extensive experience in project management and business-to-business strategy and consulting, working closely with clients to customize a project to the client’s individual needs. 

  • business strategy
  • product research and product testing
  • sales strategy
  • consumer behavior
  • tailored consulting solutions

Research Facilities

With state-of-the-art research facilities for focus groups, interviews, and the latest research technologies, SIS EMEA uses a variety of best practices to recruit consumer and administrative opinions and unlock hidden insights into developing markets.

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