According to a new study, Apple Mac computers registered a 8.2% marketshare in October 2008. The research firm conducted a survey of 40,000 websites and tracked the web browsers used.

With growth in its iPhone products, iPods and new Mac products, Apple now offers a robust product portfolio to which its customers are responding.

One of Microsoft’s main challenges has been to convince the public to upgrade from XP to Windows Vista. Apple has attacked Microsoft Vista’s brand equity, branding those computers as vulnerable to viruses, unattractive and inferior to Apple computers. In addition to that, Apple has branded the PC as nerdy, compared to a cool Apply guy. This successful strategy has put Microsoft on the defensive with an ad campaign that was hardly successful (such as the bizarre Microsoft ad with Jerry Seinfeld leaving some scratching their heads what was the point).

Unlike the previous unfocused ad, this advertising campaign targets directly customers’ concerns about upgrading. It remains to be seen how Microsoft’s new Mojave ad campaign will fare.