Careers at SIS International

SIS International Research is a leading global Market Research and Strategy Research company.

For 40 years SIS has served many of the world’s most influential organizations with corporate insight and strategy solutions helping them to address their strategic priorities.

Our company is headquartered in New York City.  We have offices in London and Shanghai.  Other significant operations include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Miami, Chicago and Washington DC.

Since our founding, we have cultivated a dynamic global team that encourages individual and team development. We work together across cultures and timezones in a fast-paced, internationally-focused workplace. We emphasize hands-on learning, teamwork and innovation.

Our core business is providing conducting interviews and surveys, analyzing data and preparing reports. Our core solutions include Brand research, Market Intelligence, Strategy research, Fieldwork, Data Collection and Full-Service Market Research.

Highlights of careers at SIS:

Careers at SIS International

At SIS we are highly team-oriented. We work as a nimble, cohesive global team with professionals from diverse backgrounds and skills. This environment allows our vibrant team to communicate and collaborate effectively in a fast-paced global economy.

At SIS, we are committed to fostering a diverse, multicultural business environment in which our professionals interact with different cultures. Our international perspective encourages us to work together in teams efficiently across different cultures.

Many languages are spoken here at SIS—globally and within our in our offices. Some of our languages spoken here include Slovak, Uzbek, and Lao!

SIS provides “Hands-on” experience  and training with senior executives, providing a unique team of expert and skilled professionals. Given our global scale, numerous leadership opportunities exist for those who are entrepreneurial and hard-working. Training, mentoring, thought leadership, travel and practical learning are only a few of the ways people grow at SIS.

SIS was founded by a passionate entrepreneur in the 1980s, and has since grown rapidly from our commitment to entrepreneurship and innovation. As such, we encourage members of our team to discover what they are most passionate about. We have found that this encourages innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship as our professionals set a career path and reach their full potential.

Apply to SIS:

We look for a variety of applicants from a variety of backgrounds. To apply, please find the following contact portals: