Online Qualitative Research Solutions

Online Qualitative Research

Your customers are spending more time online. Online Qualitative Research uncovers insights that help you boost your business performance.

In Online Qualitative Research, participants can conduct interviews or log onto an Online Research community over a period of time.  Respondents can post reactions to product concepts and stimuli.  They can also participate in immersive activities and experiences.  They can chat with other respondents.  The result is more in-depth results with deeper insights.

Online Qualitative Research is guided by a trained moderator who encourages respondents to develop and elaborate on their responses, much like a participant would in a traditional Qualitative Focus Group.

Types of Online Qualitative Research

  • “Community” or “group” setup, in which all respondents can see each other’s posts and are encouraged to communicate with each other.
  • “Blind” setup, where respondents cannot view each other’s posts until the end of the study, or until a set checkpoint in the fieldwork that is set by the research designer.
  • “One-on-one” setup, in which a moderator engages one respondent at a time, either in a face-to-face virtual interview style, or in a monitored discussion board style.

Online Bulletin Boards

Online Bulletin Boards typically involve between 10-20 respondents. Clients can participate and assist in the research execution by overseeing the content generated by respondents. This is a distinct advantage to this research methodology from a client perspective, as it affords the end stakeholders a more direct opportunity to engage participants without biasing their feedback.

Video Interviews

Now, with the emergence of mobile video platforms, researchers are using respondent-generated video content to gain much deeper insights into consumer behavior. Qualitative Research platforms can now analyze voice, behavior and words spoken.  With the ability to capture video and audio generated by respondents, researchers can analyze “digital body language,” or the nonverbal communication that was once only accessible by conducting in-person studies.

Advantages in Online Qualitative Research

Conducting online qualitative research with enhanced video, photo, and audio platforms presents numerous advantages to researchers, including:

  • Increased engagement

  • Removes biases associated with traditional research settings

  • Research is more convenient for respondents with a more flexible timeframe

  • More respondents can connect over a larger geographical area

  • Researchers can analyze video and audio more comprehensively with analytics

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