Education Market Research Experience

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Site and Market Feasibility

  • Conducted over 20 off site feasibility assessments for a private educational institutional facility.
  • Market feasibility study to assess the market for students who might leave their public schools and enroll in new charter schools in Ohio.
  • Market feasibility study in New York City to determine demographic profile of students.
  • Conducted research to identify potential customers for providers of educational services.
  • Conducted an international due-diligence report / ground assessment of a group of college preparatory schools.
  • Conducted market feasibility study for a planned school in the United States.
  • Conducted a market assessment study to identify the potential market for test item writers who would freelance for publishers of test materials or for companies offering English language assessment tests.


Education & Testing

  • Conducted a low-incidence large data collection project for educational testing among 600 young children across the United States.
  • Conducted large scale educational data collection, norming and tracking across the United States.
  • Conducted international student focus groups at a US university regarding corporate education.
  • Conducted focus groups with Mathematics teachers about a new teaching product.
  • Conducted focus groups and in-depth interviews with English teachers and students about a new teaching product.


  • Conducted an opinion research study among eLearning executives via focus groups on the reception to a new eLearning product
  • Conducted interviews and reports of university librarians regarding eBooks. Research amongst teachers in the United States with regards to their machines and mechanisms product range.
  • Conducted secondary research on the market for educational electronic products such as projectors and electronic dictionaries.


  • Conducted an in-depth CAWI study among 200 US C-Level executives.
  • Conducted recruitment of professors and librarians for IDIs.
  • Conducted focus groups and in-depth interviews with students and professors at a university about their image in the community.
  • Conducted low-incidence recruitment on parents, students, and teachers for classroom technology study in NYC.
  • Conducted market intelligence study on market environment and competition with public schools in NYC.
  • Conducted a wine market intelligence study for an American university.
  • Research on the impact of GAC Accreditation toward benefits as well as expectations regarding accreditation.
  • Collected data of school-age children and parents by online survey.
  • Online survey among parents of children in grades 3 to 8 for a New York day school.
  • Demographic study among school children and their parents in the United States.
  • Conducted interviews on the topic of white boards.
  • Conducted a benchmarking study for staff education