Market Research in Botswana

Market Research in Botswana, Africa

The Republic of Botswana is landlocked. It is in the Southern region of Africa. Its neighbors are South Africa at the south and southeast, Namibia to the west and north, and Zimbabwe to the northeast. The official languages are English and Setswana. Botswana is flat, and over 70 percent of it is the Kalahari Desert. It became independent from the British and gained Republic status in 1966.

Key industries

Botswana displays remarkable economic growth. It used to be among the world’s poorest countries but is now in the upper-middle-income category. Mining plays a significant part in the country’s development. The mining sector’s primary focus is diamonds. Botswana has some of the largest diamond reserves in the world. It also mines gold, soda ash, copper, nickel, and coal.

The agricultural industry contributes to the economy as well. The country’s climate and the desert do not allow for wide-scale farming. Subsistence farmers cultivate corn, sorghum, millet beans, and groundnuts. Botswanans also rear cattle to produce beef.


Gabarone is the largest city in Botswana and serves as the governmental and economic capital. The capital city has government offices, parliament buildings, health facilities, and big businesses. Power companies and the University of Botswana are also in the capital city. The museum and art gallery are there as well. The people of Gaberone speak several languages, which include; Setswana, English, Kalanga, and Kgalagadi.


The infrastructure of Botswana is quite interesting. In small towns, you’ll often find mud huts and traditional homes right next to a modern styled house. Some people cling to tradition while others adopt a more modern lifestyle. This trend of mixing old and new happens in politics and religion as well. Many Botswanans maintain their native language and religion. Others speak English and have converted to Christianity. Some fear that the ethnic languages will disappear due to rapid modernization.

Benefits and strengths of the market

Diamonds are always in demand all around the world. Botswana is lucky to have a wealth of diamonds that they can trade on such a large scale. Frequent trade has allowed Botswana to foster good relationships with other countries. One such country is the United States.

Consumer base

Most people who live in urban communities depend on the Main Mall, the commercial heart of Gaborone city. It’s where one will find businesses, shops, banks, and franchises. Botswanans also use this area to showcase craft and art and put on shows. Many of the people who live in rural areas depend on small subsistence farms. The produce is enough to meet their day-to-day needs and contribute to the Main Mall’s food supply.

Reasons to grow your business in the market

The blend of urban and rural life provides a market for modern commodities in many parts of Botswana. Your business can add to the modernization of the city areas. Or help expand the variety of goods and services provided in underdeveloped regions. The nation’s economy is on the rise, and trends predict a lucrative future. Investing now could be the best move for your business.

About Market Research in Botswana

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